Saturday, December 12, 2015

2014 Panini Prizm Draft Picks

Number 26 from puts a pack of 2014 Panini Prizm Draft Picks up on this site. I don't like Prizm, and I am not a prospect hunter, so you know this was a pack from my LCS pack wars. I know Panini scored damn near all the NCAA schools in license agreements in 2015, and I wonder if it's just football or is baseball in that group. Reason being - these are unlicensed photoshopped jobs. But maybe future releases will look better?

Is Alex Jackson any good? Ya got me, but he's the poster boy for the product. I get this sense the school he plays for has an agreement with Under Armor. I can't quite place it - I just kinda feels like it. Super duper foil pack, like the regular Panini Prizm releases. Five cards per pack.

Scott Blewett. Made it to A ball in 2015. Considering his numbers, I hope he finished his schooling.

Justus Sheffield. No relation to Gary, that I can tell. Also made it to A ball in 2015. Also has rotten numbers. However, unlike Scott, Justus has a police record.

COLOR! A purple refractor (or whatever Panini calls them) of Grayson Greiner. A+ ball for him with the Detroit system. Funny they have him batting - he hit below the Mendoza line is 2015.

Rusney Castillo. Hey - I think I have heard of this name! Late 2014 call up for the BoSox, he played in half of the games during the 2015 season. Should be around a while, though, cuz the numbers he has, as opposed to the first 3 cards, is 72.5. That's the number of millions in his 7 year contract.

SCOTT BLEWETT HOT PACK! Insert to start it off and a base card to finish it. Turning it over.

Nothing special about the back. Standard Panini card back with the reused image, one line of stats and a short bio paragraph.


The Gooch said...

So, I guess based on his numbers, Scott got his shot and Blew-ett. Thanks, I'm here all week.

Billy Kingsley said...

Panini calls their Refractors the basic one's proper name is Prizm Prizm. How original!