Wednesday, August 03, 2016

2015 Enterplay Super Mario Dog Tags


Hope everyone is doing well.  Once again, if I got the Blogger scheduler down right, this post is being published at the exact minute of The Wifey's birth 40 years ago.  This big event needs to be commemorated with a post, so here's a quickie "pack"...2015 Enterplay Super Mario Dog Tags!

The boys each got one of these for some occasion, or maybe "just because," I don't remember.  I was able to grab one and scan it before who knows what happened to the contents.  Here's the back:

So, each "pack" comes with a dog tag (w/chain), a sticker, and a trading card.  They also included a checklist, so here's the front and back:


Here's the sticker and the card:

Sticker #5 - Bullet Bill
Card #20 - Wendy O. Koopa

I remember the boys were pretty happy to get a Bullet Bill sticker.  I don't think they were pleased to get a Koopa card (she's the boss of the ice levels of the modern Mario games) because it's not a main character.

Here's the back of the card as well as the dog tag:

Dog Tag #20 - Larry Koopa

There's nothing on the back of the tag except for the name of the character.  Again, the boys weren't real pleased since it's not a main character, but Larry's the name of their grandfather, so they got a giggle out of that.

Bonus:  Here's what I believe is a gold dog tag of Bowser, which falls 1 in 8 packs.  I think this was in the other pack, and they were pretty happy about this one:

Anyway, it's a pretty forgettable rip, but every one in a while I see one of the boys running around with the Bowser around his neck, so I guess it's a winner in their book.  Enjoy the rest of the week, and thanks for reading!


JediJeff said...

The bomb has a name now? And he is not a bomb but a bullet?

Mike Matson said...

There are both Bullets and bombs..

Bullet Bills have been around since Super Mario 3..
Bob-Omb are the bombs and have also been around since SMB3. They were also in the trainwreck movie Super Mario Bros.

--David said...

Happy (belated) B-Day to your wife!