Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016 Topps Opening Day


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  The APTBNL offices aren't very populated these days; the staffers must be on vacation or something.  After helping my sister and brother-in-law move to their new house this afternoon, I figured I should take out the camera and put up a quickie post.  It's some 2016 Topps Opening Day!
Grabbed a pack since the Target had them on sale this week.  7 cards in a pack, let's see what I got:

OD-143 - Evan Gattis
OD-20 - Anthony Rizzo

Everyone's favorite Buddha posted a rack pack already (so I don't have to!), so there's no need to go into analysis for this release.  It's a 200-card set, and here's the checklist for those who are interested.
OD-8 - Russell Martin
M-6 - Mascot

Cool, a mascot!  They come 1 in every 5 packs.  Not sure why Topps couldn't say his real name, D. Baxter the Bobcat...perhaps they didn't want to offend their other mascot, because that could hurt.

OD-94 - Lucas Duda
OD-65 - Hector Rondon
OD-169 - Taylor Jungmann (Future Stars)

And there's some backs for you.

I'm pretty pleased with the camera pics, so maybe I'll keep this going.  I may have to limit this to 2 cards per shot, but the turnaround time is much faster when compared to using the scanner.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and thanks for reading!

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