Monday, July 04, 2016

2015-16 Imports Dragon NHL Figures

Was down in Pittsburgh having fun and visiting people when I went to Target and found this. Never these before where I live so I picked one up. Contains one figure in the package. Canadian company Imports Dragon manufacture these. The figures are part of table top game. There are four starters pack to choose from. As for the figure....
The figures are 2.5' size. After I assembled it.
It looks like this. As for the player its captain of Detroit Red Wings Henrik Zetterberg. According to checklist its a common figure.
Here his stats for the table top game. He's a great passer. Back of the card is in french.

These figures are collectible for any player collector or a team fan. Know anyone who use it for table top game?

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Fuji said...

These are right up my alley. I still have a bunch of SLU's displayed in my office and my classroom. It's a shame they only created one San Jose Shark. It would have been cool to collect five skaters and a goalie.