Friday, July 01, 2016

1967 Fleer Fun Stamps

I have seen these listed as 1967 Fleer Fun Stamps and I have seen them listed as 1969 Fleer Fun Stamps. I have no idea which is correct, so I chose the title I did.

The wrapper features what appears to be a sheet of the fun stamps wrapped around the fun stamps inside. It's like one of those Russian doll things or something. On the wrapper, the text reads "50 fabulous, foolish, fun stamps" and the 5-cent price plus the word "gum."

Inside is a cardboard slab holding the stamps in shape. The gum, a long piece split in half by age, stuck to a bunch of the stamps.

After very careful maneuvering, I was able to free the gum from the stamps. The stamps come in a long, folded sheet. I broke the sheet up into two scans (leaving the sheet in tact):

 These are definitely 60s-era stamps - from the designs to the sayings. Why would anyone want one that says "I'm wearing my Mother's girdle!?" I guess you could lick it and stick on a friend's back, maybe. And, "Help stamp out school!?" So, we are trying to get rid of school? I'm lost on that one.

In any case, these are goofy little stamps from the 60's. Hope you enjoyed them!

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Fuji said...

Definitely different. Thanks for sharing.