Saturday, July 16, 2016

2016 Topps / BBC Doctor Who Timeless


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  If the Blogger Scheduler does it's job, this auto-post is being published on the exact minute of my birth 40 years ago.  Yes kiddies, ol' Jafronius turns 40 today.  Not sure what I'll be doing, but I wasn't going to worry about putting a post together.

In the baseball world, there's lots of folks born on this day.  Terry Pendleton played for 5 teams.  Lee Elia's the mouth behind a legendary rant (NSFW, duh).  Shoeless Joe Jackson may or may not have been involved with the Black Sox Scandal.  Night Owl has a blog.

It's a good thing I don't have a quest to collect cards from all ballplayers born on this day...out of 39 players born on July 16th, only 11 played in the last 40 years.  That means a lot of vintage, which means, uh, no.

When you hit those numerical milestones, one tends to think about their mortality.  Unless you're a Time Lord, I assume.  It's a pack of Doctor Who Timeless!

I was wandering through my local Toys R Us last week and saw these just hanging there.  I never expected to see retail packs of this stuff (I didn't see last year's debut set anywhere but in online box breaks), so I forked up the 5 bucks for these 2 packs - both packs come sealed in this TARDIS-looking card back.  Here's the back of the card to show you the odds of pulling cool stuff:

Here's what I got, Pack 1 first:
#92 - The Day Of The Doctor
#59 - Partners In Crime

First off, you may be wondering about the quality of the images in this post.  I apologize in advance, I took pictures of the cards instead of scanning them in.  Some turned out better than others.

#53 - Doomsday
#42 - Father's Day

Here's a link to the checklist for those who are interested.  It's a 100-card base set, with all cards from various episodes over the show's 50 years, in air-date order.

#20 - The Ark In Space
6 of 13 - The Sixth Doctor (Doctors Across Time)

The pack does not give odds on the Doctors Across Time insert set.

10 of 10 - Susan Foreman (Companions Across Time)
#66 - The Stolen Earth (Green Parallel)

The pack says the Companions Across Time insert comes 1 in every 2 packs.  The Green Parallel comes in every pack, from what I learned from the interwebs.

Here's Pack 2:
#38 - Rose
#31 - The Caves Of Androzani

The episode title is in silver foil, making it just barely readable even when looking right at the card.

#14 - The Three Doctors
#54 - Runaway Bride

I don't think the image they used for The Three Doctors came from the episode itself.  I think it's a promo shot they did back then.  That's too bad.

Topps did a poor job with proofreading some of the episode titles.  It's a minor nitpick, but the actual title is "The Runaway Bride."  The back of The Stolen Earth refers to "A Christmas Invasion" instead of the real title "The Christmas Invasion."

Yeah, I know.

#84 - Power Of Three (It's actually The Power Of Three...OK I'll stop it)
5 of 13 - The Fifth Doctor (Doctors Across Time)

5 of 10 - Rose Tyler (Companions Across Time)
#35 - The Curse Of Fenric (Green Parallel)

And of course here's some backs:

Just a simple episode summary with no extra scenes from the episode itself.

Anyway, those were the packs.  Don't think the $5 price tag is worth it, but hey, birthday!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and thanks for reading!


JediJeff said...

Damn - no K9 appearance with Doctor #4 and Sarah? BOOOOOO Topps!

Fuji said...

Might need to buy a master set of this product on eBay if the price is right. I haven't watched it recently... but a few years ago, I couldn't get enough of the Doctor