Sunday, July 17, 2016

1994 Fleer

This is the second pack of 1994 Fleer opened here on A Pack to Be Named Later (the first was opened by madding back in 2010).  I actually bought an entire box of 1994 Fleer off of eBay and I've been ripping the packs one-by-one on my blog (Nachos Grande).  I decided to do a single pack rip over here at aPtbNL since it's been quite some time since I've written here!

Without further delay, let's rip that shiny green foil open.

Each pack promises one insert, but we'll get to that last.  First, the beautiful base cards.  A simple, clean design - and 15 cards (14 base, 1 insert) per pack makes each pack feel worthwhile.

71.  Ron Tingley

There are a number of great action shots scattered about the set - including some really great horizontal cards (such as this Tingley).

110.  Derek Lilliquist
120.  Paul Sorrento
140.  Bob MacDonald
147.  Kevin Appier

198.  Rick Aguilera

The back of the cards features a secondary image of the player to go along with team colors for the shaded boxes (the Twins getting red and blue shades while a team like the Athletics gets greens and yellows).  It's a small thing, but it's much appreciated (and it stands out even more when you have the set in a binder since the cards are arranged by team within the set)!

252.  Mike Aldrete

How low can you go?

444.  Darren Holmes
502.  Jose Uribe
587.  Lenny Dykstra
599.  Ben Rivera
614.  Orlando Merced
685.  Jeff Brantley
689.  Will Clark

The standout images from this pack all happened to be horizontal.  I had to go back and pick one "regular" card (Appier) just to prove that not every card was arranged horizontally!

And our one insert?  This time around we got the box hit - one of the Tim Salmon cards.
2.  Tim Salmon

The Salmon card isn't nearly as ugly in person as it is in the scan.  You can't really tell, but the card is on foil board - and there is a "crinkled paper" design in the background of the foil.  It's certainly not the prettiest card I've ever seen, but it is better than the scan.  On the other hand, it's a pretty lame "box hit."

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