Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2015 Topps Stadium Club Rack Pack


Hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed the just-finished All Star Game for what it is.  If they could just remove that "winner gets home-field advantage" bit, the game would be back to it's former glory.  All they had to do is expand the rosters a bit and allow for some players to get back into the game for emergency purposes (I just found out about this today...when did that happen?).

Anyway, I couldn't let the midsummer classic go by without a post.  And what better way to celebrate the All-Star Break by showing a pack from probably the most well-received release in recent memory...it's a pack of 2015 Topps Stadium Club!

Yes, the 2016 edition is out, and while the pictures used are just as good as last year's, the comparison to 1997 Fleer is enough for some collectors to think twice about buying packs.  Will I get a pack?  Probably...after all, I shelled out $6 for a 2015 rack pack. 

Our resident Jedi posted a Hobby pack earlier in the year; good thing the rack pack has different cards so we can bask in the glory that is 2015 Topps Stadium Club.  Here's what I got:

#238 - Roberto Alomar
#223 - Lorenzo Cain

Here's a link to the checklist in case anyone still needs it.  300 cards in the set.

#178 - Matt Barnes (RC)
#99 - Chase Utley

If three out of four card images are awesome, you're in for a great pack.

#147 - Henderson Alvarez
#160 - Elvis Andrus
#267 - Corey Kluber
#CS-23 - David Wright (Contact Sheet)

The Contact Sheet insert came 1 in every 8 packs.

#247 - Matt Williams
#45 - Matt Shoemaker
#239 - Roger Clemens
#34 - Mariano Rivera

That's a great Mariano card.  Here's a couple of backs:

 Anyway, that's the pack.  Enjoy the second half of the season, and thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Wait. Retired players are included in the base set? Not as some kind of insert, or as a card with a different kind of design, or border, or anything? That's really weird to me. Is that weird to anyone else? Maybe I've been away from card collecting for too long.

JediJeff said...

I forgot how amazing the Utley card is from 2015 SC. Amazing photo.