Friday, July 08, 2016

1976 Topps Mad-Ads Foldees

The wrapper features the classic Topps logo, the "Mad-Ad Foldees" insignia on a mock folding banner, and an image of what's possibly inside. The wrapper also tells us there is 1 stick of gum and that each one of these Foldees folds into 9 funny pictures!

There are thee (3) cardboard Foldees inside the pack. Each one has three images on each side. These images are divided vertically by perforations, and the outermost images are split in half horizontally.

So, how do they work? Well, you separate the outer images at the split and fold along the perforation.

The first three images are the untouched originals. Funny, huh?

The next few combinations are pretty straightforward:

 Bug-head, Dress-bottom:

Woman-head, Bug-bottom:

Clown-head, Dress-bottom:

Woman-head, Clown-bottom:

The last couple are a little more complicated, but involve folding the outer images over the middle one:

Bug-head, Clown-bottom:

Clown-head, Bug-Bottom:

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