Thursday, October 13, 2016

1996-97 Topps basketball

NBA preseason started not long ago. Let's dig into a pack from 20 years ago. David Robinson on the cover of that year's Topps set. It's also NBA 50th anniversary with occasional inserts of it.
60 - Brent Barry - the name is in gold foil which turns to rainbow colors when scanned. A son of legend Rick Barry, he won NBA Dunk contest in his rookie year. Won two championships with San Antonio Spurs. Too bad his former teammate Tony Parker dunked on his wife.
86 - Alan Henderson - when I think of him I go back to NBA Live 96 as one of unlockable created player
35 - Hakeem Olajuwon - The Dream is a NBA legends winning two championships with his offense and defense
54 - Charles Smith
3 - Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf - before Kapernick protest he refused stand for National Anthem citing his religious beliefs.
106 - Brian Grant
65 - John Stockton - NBA legend who packed 1-2 combo with Karl Malone and stayed his entire career with the Jazz
16 - Ron Harper
65 - John Stockton - another Stockton card, but its the NBA at 50 commemorative card which runs 1:3 packs. It's very shiny foil base card with 50th anniversary logo on it. Scanner had hard time picking up on it.
56 - Johnny Newman
23 - Mitch Richmond

That's fun enjoyable pack.

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Billy Kingsley said...

Weird how your scanner picked up the gold foil. Mine picks it up properly. I have so many great memories of this set. Card #111, the Series 1 Checklist, was my #1 most wanted card from 1996 through 2005, when I finally got it, by trading an autograph or two and possibly some cash. It was extremely short printed and not included in the factory set, which I purchased as well.