Thursday, October 27, 2016

2016-17 O-Pee-Chee hockey

Wow - a week with not posts. This will not do, so let's post a pack that is sitting on my desk. This year's OPC set from Upper Deck. If you have viewed past sets, you will see a lot of the same with the 2016-17 release. I happen to have both a hobby and retail pack on my desk. Here's the wrappers.

Retail is blue and the hobby is yellow. There are just a couple more possible insert sets and slightly better odds hobby over retail. Carey Price goes home on retail and road on hobby, sweater wise.

I think this is a better design then the past couple years. Very simple with standard white borders. Brand logo at the top. Easy to read play name. Team badging in a nice matching colored border. Player position abbreviated in English and French. I think OPC is a small step down photo wise for Upper Deck, but the set tends to focus on the player and not the action around him.

Well this is a good pack for me. Base card, but All Stars get the extra banner at the top.

WHO??? Yeah - Plotnikov played all of 13 games with the Yotes and is plying his skills (or lack of) in the KHL.

OPC Retro insert. These fall one in a pack hobby and 1:2 in retail.

Darcy Keumper is looking deep within your soul. He knows what you did.

OPC has a set of playing cards in the packs you can build. Surprised Marchand is the two of spades. I think he should have been the jack of asses.

Glad the Panthers got new sweaters this year. They needed a change.

This is a team that needs to kill it's current sweater and use their alts as the base. The flying C orca is a horrible logo. This is 1000 times better. Simple is the way to go, Vancouver.

Card backs. Besides a little tweaking it's the same every year. And that's good keeping the same basic back for one design. But not over ALL your sets. Are you listening, Panini? Full career stats, and if your career is short, a lot of open space to write down a grocery list.


GCA said...

Hmm might actually go for this set. Haven't seen a hockey set I've liked in a few years. Those retro inserts are nice too.
I sometimes think Topps and Panini have betting pools going to see how small a font they can get away with. Why leave all that space and have to use a magnifier to read the stats??

shoeboxlegends said...

That Marchand joke killed me. Totally agree about both the Panthers' and Canucks' sweaters. I think this is a step up for O-Pee-Chee over the past few years.

Billy Kingsley said...

Great looking set. It looks like it could have been a Topps design from the 70s or 80s and that is a compliment.

Bulldog said...

Nice looking cards. I'll definitely pick up a pack or two when I see them.