Monday, October 03, 2016

2002 Upper Deck Golf

Fresh of U.S. win of Ryder Cup how about golf cards? This is second year Upper Deck put out golf only set. There are five cards a pack. Hey you can win a round to play golf with Tiger Woods.
Enter now. Wait it already expired.
119 - Paul Azinger - careful on opening packs because of the UV coating on the cards thus making it stick together. As always Upper Deck delivers on the photography.
22 - Frank Lickliter II - like how they included average of the golfer's score, distance, accuracy, and various stats to it.
39 - J.J. Henry
85 - Fred Couples - one of golfing legends. I once owned his golf game for Sega 32X and its most one of most underrated golfing video game.
18 - Bob May

Upper Deck would put out three more golf til 2005 under SP brand.

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