Friday, February 17, 2017

1991 Maxx NASCAR

NASCAR season coming up. The truth I used to watch and follow it, but haven't done in years because the product is awful and idiot Brian France listening to TV and sponsorship people than fans. Enough of the rant.

Maxx produced NASCAR cards back in the day. This pack feature 15 cards.
147 - Robert Pressley - back of card featured commentary of the driver along how many races he ran and finish in the top 10. Pressley was racing in Grand National series during that time. He would move up to main series replacing a retiring Harry Gant but had little success in the car.
127 - Memorable Moments - mention of Derrick Cope, who stunningly won Daytona 500 in 1990, and Michael Waltrip for having a bright future. The picture was from Talladega.
107 - Jimmy Cox - NASCAR official who hold stop and go sign at end of pit row. He passed away few years ago. Back of the card feature "Mini Faxx" of past happenings
111 - Buddy Parrott - a successful crew chief have sent drivers to victory lane
131 - Robbie Loomis - long time crew chief of Richard Petty Racing
151 - Don Bierschwale - ran a team with his son Eddie driving the car. Interesting fact he runs funeral parlor.
171 - 1990 Race #2 - Mark Martin winning at Richmond before the race became a night race fixture
191 - 1990 Race #21 - The Intimidator takes victory at Darlington
195 - 1990 Race #25 - Mark Martin wins at North Wilkesboro, a track NASCAR no longer race. Strange how successful Jack Roush Racing back in the 90s and 2000s and they are struggling right now.
175 - 1990 Race #6 - the late Davey Allison celebrates with his father Bobby after winning at Bristol. Bristol would get a makeover as first NASCAR track to install ights and became Saturday night race.
155 - Billy Stavola - one half of Stavola Brothers who ran a race team til 2000
135 - Paul Andrews - known for being crew chief of late Alan Kulwicki who won NASCAR championship in 1992. Still involved to this day help running ARCA team.
115 - Doug Williams
119 - Ed Berrier - mainstay of Grand National series have one career win. Did drive in main series but did not stick long
139 - Joe Nemechek - nicknamed "Front Row" Joe for qualifying the car in the front row. Won Grand National title in 92 before going full time in Cup series few years later. He won career of 4 races all with different teams.

Those were good ol' day of Maxx.


Kin said...

I was into NASCAR from the mid-90s through the early 2000s. Used to listen (not watch) the races each week, including the Busch Series. The Ed Berrier was definitely a blast from the past!

Billy Kingsley said...

One of my two all-time favorite NASCAR sets...I've completed it three times over. Still chasing the promo though. You can get a complete set for about $5 on eBay. It's well worth it!