Monday, March 20, 2017

1995 (?) Redemption (by Cactus Game Design)

While in Hot Springs, Arkansas, for a family "staycay" this year, we stopped by Family Christian Stores because they are going out of business nationwide and are selling everything at a discount. I picked up a booster pack of something called "Redemption." I know nothing about the game.

I have no idea why these cards are dated 1995, but that's the only date I have to go on, so...

The wrapper is blue and purple, featuring a priest (hence, this turns out to be an expansion called "The Priests") standing at an altar with a couple of angels (Forgive the photos, I am doing these from the hotel room where we are staying):

Each pack has 10 "Limited Edition" cards. The card backs feature the "Redemption" game insignia. It has a red border with a fancy sword being held up by a hand that appears to be coming out of the clouds. I believe the sword has a flame (or is surrounded by flames or something).

The first card in the pack explains just what these new-fangled "Priest" cards are all about. On the back of this card, there is a rules clarification. I find it interesting that back in 1995, evidently they weren't Internet savvy enough to have a site for such things. Granted, not many folks did in '95... I digress.

The text on the cards is VERY hard to read. Each card features artwork done by various artists. Each card features artwork, the card name, what the card does, and a bible verse. There is also credit on each card to the illustrator of the featured image.

Having never played the game, I have no idea what the various icons and #/# in the upper left corner mean. Likewise, some of these cards are supposed to be common, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare. I have no idea what's what, as my pack doesn't seem to have anything that jumps out to indicate such things.

The cards are about the same size as any other TCG/CCG out there, but the stock is a little weird. As my son put it, "It's like they's grainy or something." The cards stick together and are difficult to shuffle. But, they are definitely not something you see everyday (or at least I haven't).


CaptKirk42 said...

I looked it up and found the wikipage for it:
1995 is the first publishing date, so that must be what they are going with. Wow it has had a bunch of updates, new booster packs even last year 2016.

Mark Aubrey said...

I picked up a couple of starter decks when these came out. Sort of like MTG, but with a limited market.