Saturday, August 11, 2018

2018 Topps National Baseball Card Day

 Happy National Baseball Card Day.  It wasn't that long ago that the hobby had a national trading card day that involved all the major manufacturers, but I'm not going to look free cards in the mouth.  If you are lucky enough to have a hobby shop near you, or like me thave two, you could stop in today and get a free pack of cards.  The packs are clear and you can see who is on top. A promo advertising card is on the back.  You can see the whole checklist over at the Trading Card Database.

This is the first Ohtani card I've pulled this year.  I really haven't been buying much product so that's no surprise and neither was this card since it was on top.   You get 5 cards per pack and there is a possibility of pulling an autograph.  Let's look at the rest.

 There was one card I was hoping to find and as luck would have it I pulled it.  Mr. Eric Thames.

 Here's the Update / Topps Holiday promo card.

 As a bonus if you made a purchase at the store you got one of these Aaron Judge cards.  On August 25th you can pick up the Rhys Hoskins.


Bulldog said...

Had not seen any of these yet. Nice cards. Really like the Molina. Fun post.

Fuji said...

Ugh. Another Ohtani to chase down.