Wednesday, February 13, 2019

2017 Funko Beauty and the Beast Mystery Minis


Hope everyone is doing well.  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, but since I'll be busy with job hunting and kids and Valentine's Day things with the Wifey, I'll just put this up now and clear out more space in my Scan's a 2017 Funko Beauty and the Beast Mystery Mini!

Because you all don't need to see more 2019 Topps Series 1 right now, right?
The Wifey found the last box of this on clearance during a Meijer run a while ago.  I had no idea she had any interest in these things, but she's a huge fan of the movie so I guess anything goes.

Here's the back of the mystery box.  No rares or specials or glow-in-the-dark roses here, you have an equal chance of getting one of the figures.

So she got Belle in...I don't know, a party dress?  Nightgown?  Not sure.  It's currently sitting on a shelf at The Wifey's cubicle.

I guess there are exclusives for the ones sent to Walmart and Hot Topic.  Go here if you really want to see them.

Anyway, that's it for now.  More eventually.  Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for reading!


Bulldog said...

Good Valentine's Day post. The movie was as well.

Fuji said...

I could see my nieces going crazy over these. On one hand, they'd love it if they pulled one they wanted... but would be so bummed if they didn't. Lol. It's like me and cards.