Thursday, February 21, 2019

2017 Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon: Crimson Invasion


Back on Monday my youngest complained to The Wifey that his tummy hurt.  Since he didn't have a fever, we sent him to school.  By Monday evening, he was getting prepped for surgery to get his appendix removed.

They caught the infection early enough so there was no risk of the appendix bursting.  The docs also took a picture of the organ so the youngest has a cool momento from his ordeal.  He got discharged Tuesday afternoon and was told no school the rest of the week as well as no gym for at least 3 weeks. Since being released he's been pretty happy with TV, Netflix, Nintendo Switch (with new games because appendix), no school, etc.

The Wifey's sister also gave birth to a baby boy yesterday evening, so it's been pretty eventful around here.  Too bad I can't add new job to the list of events.  Anyway, here's a quick post for the youngest, a Pokémon pack!

Definitely NOT Pikachu
Crimson Invasion is the fourth expansion of the Sun & Moon series.  It was released in the United States back in November 2017.  10 cards in a pack, here's what he got:

#46 - Salandit
#44 - Pumpkaboo

The Pumpkaboo is a pumpkin with a spirit trapped within it.  Yeah, OK.

#24 - Corphish
#81 - Starly

The checklists online say there are over 110 cards in the set (it does say 111 on the lower left corner).  I don't know why an exact number can't be given.

#10 - Skiddo
#53 - Regirock

Regirock is the rare card of the pack.  I think it was shiny too.  The cards before Regirock were commons.

#70 - Kartana GX
No # - Energy

The checklist says Kartana GX is an Ultra-Rare Rare card...wait, what?  That's a thing?  I need to find that card and sleeve it.

#35 - Emolga
#95 - Gladion
#82 - Staravia

These 3 cards are Uncommon cards.  Emolga's face kinda looks like 8-bit Mega Man's.

Anyway, that's the pack.  I'll get back to sports eventually.  Thanks for reading!

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Fuji said...

Hope your son makes a quick recovery. I haven't opened up a pack of Pokemon in nearly two decades. That Kartana is pretty cool. Don't remember seeing any cards that looked like that back in the day.