Tuesday, June 04, 2019

1991-92 Hoops Series 1

Basketball season is almost over and here's 15 card pack from Hoops.
Get a freebie from Hoops as in official basketball centennial card. The card looks like this.
317 - Michael Jordan - Pack starts off with MJ card. Good hit.
131 - Mookie Blaylock - when he was with Nets before getting sent to Hawks in a trade where he became the team's star.
70 - Alton Lister - that face while shooting a basket
95 - Jeff Martin - dribbling past Will Purdue
228 - Chuck Daly - the late coach who guided Pistons to two NBA championships and Dream Team to Olympic gold.
160 - Rickey Green - about to lay it up
216 - Harvey Grant - good photo selection on this card because its twin brother guarding against twin brother.
310 - Alvin Robertson/John Stockton - Robertson lead the league in steals despite playing one less game than Stockton
84 - Reggie Miller - Miller Time!
152 - Scott Skiles - would become NBA coach after his playing career ended
134 - Derrick Coleman - I once paid a $1 for this card at card show in 1992.
238 - Pat Riley - his first year as Knicks coach. Now executive of Miami Heat as well getting back to coaching lead Heat to their first NBA championship
103 - Byron Scott
242 - Rick Adelman - would lead Blazers to the NBA champion only get beat by MJ and the Bulls
202 - Gary Payton - The Glove trying to maneuvering away from Jack Haley

That's a very a good pack.


Billy Kingsley said...

I finally completed this set in 2016 or 2017...at 590 cards the second largest set in NBA history.

Bulldog said...

Very nice pull. Love pulling Jordans from these old packs. Great trip down memory lane and good cards. That Byron Scott photo is nice and stands out to me.

gregory said...

Wow. That League Leaders card is utterly '90s.

Fuji said...

Byron was my favorite player when I was a kid. Loved them Showtime Lakers.