Tuesday, November 05, 2019

1990-91 Skybox Basketball Series 2

The inaugural set of Skybox basketball was out of the world different. The set screamed 90s going artsy on the cardboard. It was hottest set at the time with packs selling for $1 when it came out. This is series 2 pack consisting of cards from 301-423 of the set with series 1 cards mixed in.
19 - Kevin McHale - keeping the ball away from the defender in front of artsy graphics on the background. Back of the card got him in his All-Star jersey.
319 - Matt Guokas - coach's reflects the season with motivation team thoughts
224 - Kevin Johnson
222 - Jeff Hornacek - the stripes to Suns colors. On the back of the card I can hear the announcer yell "Starting at guard...."
309 - Don Nelson
92 - John Salley - Spider Salley signing autographs
93 - Isiah Thomas - member of The Bad Boys Pistons
378 - T.R. Dunn - I never heard of him before
171 - Sam Mitchell
199 - Nick Anderson - laying it up. On the back the card he will have nightmares on shooting free throws at the finals
375 - Alex English - in a jersey than isn't a Nugget. This is so wrong
37 - B.J. Armstrong
50 - Brad Daugherty - still running NASCAR team. Named Ricky Stenhouse as his driver for next season.
50 - Rickey Green
158 - Jay Humphries


Jon said...

One of my all-time favorite sets! And that pack was loaded with names, definitely would've been a good one way back when.

Fuji said...

I didn't open a lot of Series 2 packs, but I definitely busted at least a box or two of the Series 1 stuff.

Bulldog said...

Nice pull. These cards were the bomb back in the day. Definitely sad seeing Alex English in anything 'cept a Nuggets' jersey. I enjoy seeing players in their all-star jerseys especially like McHales where it is the secondary photo. Great post.