Monday, November 25, 2019

2019-20 Hoops retail

With the new NBA season upon us, the first brand of the year is Hoops. Here's a look at one of the packs that comes out of the box Target has up on the wall, a single pack of 8 cards. My local Target either didn't bring in or already sold out of the blasters and fatpacks...

The first card is pretty darn spectacular, in being the most talented player to come along since one LeBron James.
#296, this is from the Tribute subset, which is apparently the only nod to this being Hoops' 30th anniversary.
#89 Anthony Davis
#47 Nikola Jokic
#101 Derrick Jones Jr.
#110 Andrew Wiggins
#168 Bogdan Bogdanovic
Arriving Now. #19 Luka Samanic
Get Out the Way Holo #9 (much nicer in person
#228 Bruno Fernando

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, I really did get 9 cards out of an 8 card pack...which is working it's way towards making up for that time I got 4 cards out of an 8 card pack back during the 2013-14 season, I guess.

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Bulldog said...

That's a great pull for an 8 card pack. Zion, Davis, KD, Jokic and Wiggins. Can't complain at all especially with a bonus card. Good post.