Tuesday, November 19, 2019

2018 Topps Opening Day Retail


Hope everyone is doing well.  It's been a while since anyone has posted on here.  It's been a down year overall...we'll be lucky if we make it to 100 posts for the year.

Anyway, I haven't had the time to take pics of any new stuff, so time to grab something from the saved folder.  We've seen the hanger pack, so here's a couple retail offerings from last year's Opening Day:

There's 200 cards in the set, along with the parallels and mostly-fun inserts.  Here's the first pack:

#88 – Johnny Cueto
#188 – Paul Dejong
#96 – Yadier Molina

Apologies in advance for the light pics.  I guess I didn't have the flash on.  Everyone remembers the
water slide set, right?

ODS-SS – Stephen Strasburg (Opening Day Stars)
#M-15 – TC Bear (Mascots)

The Opening Day Stars come 1 in 27 packs, and the lovable Mascots come 1 in 4 packs.

#198 – Mark Reynolds
#98 – Corey Dickerson

Here's the backs...wait, what?  TC Bear has a statue?

Onto the second pack:

#57 – Yasiel Puig
#157 – Jesse Winker

Here's the checklist if you're still tracking down the set.

#M-10 – Dinger (Mascots)
#SS-NA – Nolan Arenado (Stadium Signatures) 

Again, the Mascots come 1 in 4 packs, but if I read the pack odds right, the Stadium Signatures comes 1 in 572 packs?  That's a winner in my book!

#38 – Danny Salazar
#138 – Luiz Gohara 
#28 – Avisail Garcia

I had noted in the file that the Gohara card used a different image than it's Flagship counterpart.  I don't have a scanned image of Flagship Gohara to show, but I'm too tired to check into it now.

Here's the back of the Rockies inserts:

Anyway, those are the packs.  If the blog is silent next week, have a fun and safe Thanksgiving!  Thanks for reading!


Adam Kaningher said...

What an awesome Rockies pack!

Bulldog said...

Yadi, Strasburgh and Arenado definitely make this pack a win. Love the Opening Day cards. Good post. Thanks.