Thursday, February 18, 2021

2020 Donruss Football Retail (Dollar Tree)


Hope everyone is doing well.  With the big box store card shelves still barren, collectors have to go elsewhere for their card fix.  Some go online and others go to their localish LCS.  A few brave souls go card hunting elsewhere, hoping to find a retail outlet that sells cards the card bros don't know about.

There's been tales of Big Lots having packs in bulk.  Others have been lucky at the Dollar Tree, which is where the topic of today's post comes from.

Back before Christmas, The Wifey asked me to get some cards for the eldest because she hasn't been able to find any.  I explained that it's possible there's no packs available so she was ready for nothing.  Luckily for Santa, I found a Topps Update hanger box and a rack pack at a Target.  Since I had a few hanger boxes already, I opted to give the hanger box to the boy and the rack pack to me (foreshadowing).  On a whim, I went over to the Dollar Tree across the street to try my luck.  Santa knew my mission because I found 3 packs of Donruss football hidden amongst the stickers.

I was going to open the Update rack pack and football packs when I got home, but the jolly old elf had other plans in mind, and directed his minions to hide the packs and put it in my stocking on Christmas morning.  

I took pics of 2 of the 3 packs.  5 cards per pack, where's what I got:

#123 - Quenton Nelson
#35 - Mark Ingram II

The design's alright; not a real big fan of the mini football on the border.  The player name could also be bigger.  

#210 - Jason Kelce (Yellow Press Proof Parallel)
#331 - Cole Kmet (Rated Rookie)

The yellow parallels are exclusive to Dollar Tree.  One comes in each pack, but I don't know if all yellow parallels are Press Proofs.

Cole Kmet had an OK rookie season for the Bears.  I think the brass wanted more from him though.


#151 - DeVante Parker
Kid Reporter Promo

I wonder if this year's Kid Reporter gets an IOU.

Here's the second pack:

#144 - Brandin Cooks
#167 - Jarrett Stidham

Stidham was the Patriots' third string QB, getting mop up duty here and there.  

#229 - Rob Gronkowski (Yellow Press Proof Parallel)
#299 - Tommy Stevens (RC)

Nice to get a yellow parallel of Gronk.  

Tommy Stevens was released by the Saints back in November and was signed by Carolina a few days later.

#218 - Diontae Johnson
Kid Reporter Promo (back)

If you need to see the checklist, there you go.  There are 400 cards in the set, including 250 base cards, 50 rookies, 50 Rated Rookies, and 50 photo variations.  Panini's counting the photo variations as part of the main set?

Here are the backs:

I forgot to scan backs from the first pack.  No collegiate stats were listed for Cole Kmet, and no defensive stats were listed for Jason Kelce.

Anyway, those are the packs.  I actually don't mind if I get Panini football and basketball cards from the Dollar Tree.  I'm not as big on the inserts from those two sports for some reason, making this option the  more cost effective.  Of course, I came to this conclusion during the pandemic, so I guess that really doesn't matter right now.

Enjoy the rest of the week, and thanks for reading!

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SumoMenkoMan said...

I did not know that the Dollar Tree had exclusive parallels. That is cool, will have to go try and check some out here.