Thursday, February 25, 2021

2021 Pokemon McDonald's 25th Anniversary


Hope everyone is doing well.  After a couple weeks of well below freezing temps, we here in the northern Chicago suburbs were in the low 40's Tuesday.  The foot to 2 feet of snow we got on the ground started melting quick, with long buried Christmas lawn decorations starting to reappear again.  I always feel sorta sad when the melting starts; I'd much rather wake up one evening and see all the snow gone than see it gradually melt and leave muddy lawns everywhere.

So apparently 2021 is the 25th anniversary of Pokemon.  McDonald's decided to get in on the celebration by putting a pack of Pokemon TCG cards in their Happy Meals.  When I heard about it, I figured I'd wind up getting a pack or two for the younger son, since he casually collects the cards, and actually takes better care of them than his older brother does with his baseball cards.  Then I read articles like this, and my heart sank a little.  Flippers are going after Happy Meals now?  Go to eBay and search for "pokemon mcdonalds".  Ugh.

I notified The Wifey since due to my schedule if the boys get McDonalds she will most likely be buying.  She was able to get a pack a week and a half ago (I forgot to ask if they put a limit or made her buy a Happy Meal, but I saw no evidence of a Happy Meal in the garbage).  Due to errands, I wound up getting McDonalds for the boys back on Monday, and they were all out.

It appears the pack comes in a commemorative package.  You can see the "4" at the bottom right.  I will assume Pikachu's doing different things on each package...I don't know how many packages are there.

My boy tells me this is a picture frame.  Notice the 25th anniversary logo at the bottom.  Looks like you slide your favorite Pokemon card into the frame from the top.

Here's what the pack looks like.  You get 3 cards and 1 foil version.  There are 50 total cards in the set, 25 Pokemon and their foil versions.  The 25 Pokemon in the set are Pikachu and 24 other "starter" Pokemon, which I assume are the ones you can choose from when you start playing one of the video games.

Here's what he got in his (probable) only pack:

#8/25 - Grookey (foil)

The foil is in the background of the picture.  You again have the 25th Anniversary logo on the right and  the card number and a small write-up on the bottom.

#22/25 - Froakie

Weaknesses and Resistance are also listed on the bottom.  Looks like Froakie wouldn't like it if 2 Grookeys (Grookies?  Grooki?) show up.

#23/25 - Popplio

If you really really want to see the checklist, here you go.  And if you want to see more Pokemon for some reason, here's a fellow blogger to tell you all about it.

#19/25 - Mudkip

Looks like all of these water Pokemon aren't fans of tree Pokemon...or something like that.

Anyway, that's the pack.  It's too bad flippers have to go ruin Happy Meals now.  I do hope the kids are somehow able to get some cards without paying too much for them.  Enjoy the weekend, and thanks for reading!

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