Friday, March 26, 2021

2021 Donruss Baseball Hobby Pack

 Ended up getting to take a nice leisurely trip to one of my LCSs, Don's Sportcards, this afternoon and picked up a few packs of the newest releases, mainly to share on here.  First up is a nice hobby pack of Donruss.

This year's Donruss base design looks really close to flagship Topps, but the names are easier to read.

This was a pretty good pack all around for variety and while I'd love to have this set with logos, Donruss is still a fun rip.

Here is this year's Diamond Kings design

The Retro 1987 design

Here are the rest of the base in the pack.
Did get one of the nickname variations of Altuve

Also got a Holo Blue parallel.  I think these are 1:2 packs.
But also hit a Career Stat Line Parallel of Ryu #/500.

While there were no inserts in the pack there was a lot of variety.


John Bateman said...

I wish it had more current major league veterans - it is like 4 different sets - i would rather have one

The DK of Acuna makes him look like he is 35 years old.

night owl said...

That Garvey is just sad. And Ryu REALLY looks like he's playing in a beer-league. Somebody get Panini a license.