Monday, September 06, 2021

1996 Fleer Metal Football

Happy Labor Day! NFL regular season starts in few days. Let's start with a pack from 25 years ago. It's Fleer iconic brand set Metal. This set is still a hit with collectors to this day for being out of the box different and its shiny cardboard design. Trent Dilfer is on the cover. There are six cards in a pack. Let's rip!

6 - Craig Heyward - its Ironhead

135 - Marvin Harrison - its Harrison rookie card. He would add another 8 on his jersey and became a favorite target of Peyton Manning by the turn of the millennium.

98 - Kordell Stewart - back would show Slash's QB stats. Not shown is his rushing and receiving stats from his rookie season.

104 - Aaron Hayden

60 - Marcus Allen - Hall of Famer running around with the Chiefs

39 - Herman Moore - in his prime leading the league in receptions with 123. His 1686 reception yards ranked 3rd in the NFL behind Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Isaac Bruce.

Another classic pack and another NFL season awaits. Who's ready for some football?


Fuji said...

Congratulations on pulling a rookie card of a hall of famer!

Bulldog said...

Nice Harrison pull. Never seen this one before. Allen and Moore are also good names you pulled. Good post and cards.