Saturday, August 28, 2021

1991 Score Football Series 1

Football season is starting and let's open a pack from 30 years ago. From the junk wax era its series 1 of 1991 Score football. They did a good job on the cover pack artwork and its comes with 16 cards. On to the pack.

240 - Alvin Walton - single line stat with a logos on both sides of the card. One of few players to won Super Bowl and Grey Cup (CFL)

245 - Eric Metcalf - one of premier kick returner at the time.
260 - Lee Williams - two-time Pro Bowler
265 - Dino Hackett - good shot of Hackett tackling Ethan Horton
280 - Thane Gash
343 - Ray Childress - Dream Team subset. One of Oilers best defensive player
131 - Jim Arnold
149 - Jeff Uhlenhake
151 - Kevin Ross - 2-time Pro Bowler and currently cornerback coach of Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
169 - Keith Sims
171 - Tony Woods
83 - Steve Jordan - six-time Pro Bowler and one of Vikings all-time top players
88 - Tom Rathman - part of 49ers dynasty getting two Super Bowl rings out of it.
85 - Eric Martin
90 - Barry Wood - 1990 Comeback Player of the Year. Was working for telephone company when Chiefs signed him. He rushed over 1000 yards that season.
82 - Ferrell Edmunds

Who's ready for the season?


night owl said...

It's amazing how many of these players I either don't know/have forgotten.

John Bateman said...

Brings back memories I bought alot of this set.