Friday, November 05, 2021

2021 Topps Fire

Let's take a quick look at a pack of the annual Target exclusive Topps Fire from 2021. I believe this came out of a blaster that I bought online.

73 - Alec Bohm - I had Bohm on my fantasy team this year and he was a bit disappointing. He was one of a number of prominent rookies from 2020 that didn't make their official RC debuts until 2021.

193 - Whit Merrifield - Since these are cards all about the wacky art design (and aimed at a younger audience, possibly) the card backs are just boring Panini style-blurbs with no stats.

36 - Luis Garcia - As for the front of the card, there are several different designs, but they all sort of blend together. The thing that stands out the most is that the player names use different fonts. Garcia was one of three Luis Garcias to play in MLB in 2021.

80 - Luis Campusano Flame - This is one of the "Flame" parallels. It has most of a holo foil look than its base counterpart.

116 - Josh Donaldson - Another fantasy disappointment of mine, Donaldson actually had a 3.2 WAR season but I was hoping for a return to his 2019 form. Injuries were always going to be a risk with him, though.

96 - Ryan Mountcastle - We end things here with one of the better rookies of the 2021 class.

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