Saturday, July 09, 2022

1995 Miller Brewing

A pack featuring the Miller Brewing company. The cards feature advertisements they put over through the years and the company's history on back of the card. Back then you can mail in 5X7 card along with five wrappers.

Here are the odds on the inserts you might possibly pull.

Here are the cards:

St. Patrick's ad. Back of the card talks about Miller brewing facilities all over the nation.

 Miller's 1984 Olympic Summer Games poster

A magazine ad from 1950s

One of many music tour ads. They mention sponsoring ZZ Top, Brooks and Dunn, and Jimmy Page and Robert Plant music tours on the back of the card,

This brewery is still in operation today in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.
Got a Crystal Gallery insert card that runs in 1 out of 12 packs. This is nice!


Billy Kingsley said...

Hadn't ever seen these before but I like them. Very cool!

Fuji said...

Never seen these before, but they're cool. I love the 90's and card collecting... because they made trading cards for just about everything.

Jafronius said...

Much cooler than I thought these would be, thanks for sharing!

Kicky Sam said...