Monday, July 04, 2022

2018 Topps Fire Rack Pack


Hope everyone is enjoying the 4th of July weekend.  I'm the on call supervisor this weekend so that means I have to stay local and not party too much, just in case work stuff arises.  Since I have to be around, I decided to check into the APTBNL offices and put a post together.

If I'm right, this is my first post on July 4th and just the 5th post on America's birthday (the others were in 2009, 2012, 2016, and 2019...hmm, someone's gonna have to look into that 2009 post).  Since it's my first 4th of July post, I had to find something appropriate. 

Because fireworks, right?

I posted an exclusive gold parallel pack from 2018 Topps Fire a while back but it appears no one has gotten around to posting one of the rack packs, unless it wasn't tagged properly.  Let's correct this injustice and see what I got:

#200 - Sandy Koufax
#68 - Adrian Beltre

Always nice to start with a legend, although point deductions are applied for the type of font Topps is using for that Koufax...the K is too much like the X.

#132 - Greg Maddux
#181 - Juan Soto (RC)

2018 had a pretty solid rookie class...Juan Soto, Walker Buehler, Rhys Hoskins, Ozzie Albies, some dude in Anaheim whom folks claim can hit AND pitch...yeah, right!

#PP-6 - Aaron Judge (Power Producers Blue Chip Parallel)
#73 - Ernie Banks (Orange Parallel #68/299)

The back of the pack didn't give the odds of the Power Producers insert or it's Rack Pack parallel.  The Orange Banks looks real nice in hand.

#HS-8 - Corey Kluber (Hot Starts Blue Chip Parallel)
#87 - Yu Darvish (Blue Chip Parallel)

The Hot Starts Blue Chip Parallel was a 1 in 4 pack pull.  Each pack came with a Blue Chip base card.  

#98 - Hunter Renfroe
#73 - Ernie Banks

Ernie Banks hot pack!

#4 - Adam Duvall
#43 - Gary Sanchez

There's that font again...the D looks like an O and the V looks too much like a U.

Here's some backs because America:

The background colors on the Power Producers and Hot Starts cards are what their fronts should look like.

Anyway, that's the pack; not bad overall.  Here's the checklist if you need a reminder.  Happy 246th, America, and thanks for reading!

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