Wednesday, July 04, 2012

1991 Score Baseball (Series 2)

Here we have a pack of 1991 Score Baseball, Series 2.


These packs are a mainstay of the 25 cent pack bins and "10 assorted pack" bundles, highlighting everything that defines the junk wax era.

Let us see what this had to offer.


Here is a Sportflics-style Trivia insert. This one features a bit about Goose Goslin on the back.


Here are some "first round draft pick" inserts. Actually, I guess you could call them part of the base set. Two of the three made the majors, with Christopherson never getting higher than AAA.


Here are some base cards, including one featuring Fred Lynn near the end of his great career.


I guess these "Franchise" cards were supposed to be like the score equivalent of Donruss Diamond Kings. These three were certainly franchise-defining players.


Another Griffey insert, this one being the "Dream Team". Notice the two weird grease spots. Remember, there is no gum in this set.


Finally some more base cards, featuring two more "Hall of Very Good" players, Fernando Valenzuela and Rick Reuschel.


Kbrewster/90 said...

Another part of the problem during this era, NONE of these cards were actually inserts. They were just part of a 893 card set! Huge! Coupled with unlimited production run, these cards are truly "not worth the paper they were printed on".

Mets88 said...

Oh what did you pay for a pack ? 50c ?? ^^ Man thats crap!

Punchy Sam said...

Actually I got it in a box of 10 packs for $8 a box so it wasnt that bad.