Sunday, February 28, 2010

2OOO Upper Deck Power Deck

Last summer when we attended the Nationals in Cleveland I purchased 13 "vintage" packs of cards with the intentions of displaying them here.I left them in a brown paper bag and put it in a file cabinet drawer.I'm finally getting around to posting them and, no, they weren't in that drawer unopened all this time !

I bought 3 of these Power Deck packs only because that's all the vendor had. I really love these things. I've heard that some people have a problem running them but they seem to work OK for me.

2000 Upper Deck Power Deck

1 card per pack
12 different base cards

Randomly inserted are the following sets :

UD Collection entry cards 1:1
Power Trio 1:7
Magical Moments 1:10 Hobby only (Griffey's 400th HR and Ripken's 3,000th hit)
Magical Moments Auto's Hobby only limited to 50

I got no inserts, other than the entry cards.

These were my 3 entry cards.They were included in many UD products that year.

I have the hole set of 10 cards, somewhere, but I never did send any in.
Can't win if you don't enter!!

The card comes in this vinyl sleeve and has the PC requirements to play the cards.
133 Mhz, 12 MB RAM Goodness !

And the first card is Pudge Rodriguez.

Next card, moving up to Mike Piazza.

And finally, Hof 'er Cal Ripken Jr.
( His insert auto is currently listed at $275.00)

Well, should we see if this thing works ?
Will my PC have necessary requirements ?
(which are not listed on the outside of the pack,so you didn't even know if you could play it when you bought it)

Here we go....
A lightening bolt flashes behind the title.I tried twice to catch it on the image but my old reflexes weren't quite quick enough.

The first section is entitled "Player Profile".
A brief, three page story of his career.

Section 2 is a "Highlight Reel".
The short video starts automatically when the program starts.

Next is the "Photo Gallery".
10 photos of Cal in action.
The "Card Gallery" displays five different Upper Deck baseball cards.

Final stop : "The Stat Zone".

Then , of course, we have to have some advertising.
I haven't checked to see if these web sites are still valid.

These cards are one of my lesser known mini collections.
I have four from 1999 and these three from 2000.
I am looking for others, along with the hard cards that came with them in 1999.
If you have any for trade, LMK Thanks!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

2004-05 Skybox Fresh Ink Basketball

This doesn't happen to me all that often, but I can honestly say I have no idea how or when I purchased this pack. It's old and it only contains 5 cards, so I'm going to assume that I didn't pay very much for it and leave it at that.

6 - Dirk Nowitzki (This card will start a new stack for BigD unless he objects for some reason.)

63 - Jason Kidd (From a Maverick to a Maverick in his Nets days. The Blazers have taken care of both of those teams the past couple of nights.)

47 - Mickael Pietrus (I can't say much for Pietrus as a player, but I have always liked these particular Warriors retro jerseys.)
- Fleer Ultra ad decoy

21 - Grant Hill (Hill has had a strange career. He was a '90s star and was in McDonalds commercials with constant airplay for awhile before he disappeared due to injury and ended up with a much longer than expected career as a role player.)

73 - Sam Cassell (Cassell looks like an alien. That's all I know.)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1995 Skybox The Adventures of Batman and Robin

The last time I was at my parents' house, I raided our massive collection of non-sports cards and found a bunch of stuff that most of the contributors/readers of this blog probably didn't even know existed. I have upwards of 60 (yes, six-zero) packs of non-sports alone. This blog's mission just got a little more accomplished-er. So, where do I start? Well, might as well start with "A." I give you "The Adventures of Batman & Robin."
Doesn't it kind of look like they're standing in front of the Rebel Alliance logo? Holy Cloud Gotham, Batman! Also, Robin's hands are huge!

#25 - Villains: Killer Croc - This is fine howdoyado to open the pack. Very welcoming face. I have to say this isn't a great card. If you're going to show off the villains, give us a full body shot. I'd never guess this is a Croc(odile).

#71 - Case #570: House & Garden - Wow. So, I guess to make this product, Skybox hired someone to pause the VCR and take screen grabs of a couple episodes. Those diagonal lines are a result of my scanner, but the blurry lines along the drawings of Uma Thurman and some baby monsters are all on-card.

#60 - Case #566: Sideshow - I'm saving you the agony of seeing the hideous front to show you the full body shot of Killer Croc that should have been on the first card. I guess I was wrong. Their way IS more interesting. I hate how the card numbers are set up, and definitely thought there were over 500 cards in the set for a moment.

#90 - Checklist - That is until I got this bad boy. I think we all hate getting checklists, but I like this one, because it tells me I should be happy I got Killer Croc instead of an even lamer villain such as #26, Clock King.

#P1 - Batman - There's one of these pop-up cards in every pack. I suppose it's cool that I got our hero, but the picture on the front is really way too bland for me....

Woah! Who saw that coming! I take it back. These pop-ups are actually pretty cool. Please don't hit me again, Mr. Wayne. Batman. Sir.

#39 - Allies: Talia - Look out! She's going to kick you in the face! I have no idea who this is, but the name's been trademarked, so be careful naming your daughters.

#37 - Allies: Harvey Bullock - So, this is where I admit I never watched the cartoon. My brother was always the bigger comic guy and I'm pretty sure I stole this pack from him.

#13 - Batman & Robin: An Able Ally - Look out! He's going to punch you in the face with his disproportionate hand! Oh, no wait. He's paused.

Well, it looks like the pack covered almost all the bases. I didn't get a 1:36 thermal card or 1:11 foil, but I got the main characters. Would it have been too much to ask for a Riddler card? I have more Batman cards to break in the future so you know what that means. Be here at the same Bat Time on the same Bat Blog for some more Bat Breaks!

2007 Fleer

Spring training is upon us! That also means that it's time to start thinking about fantasy leagues. With that in mind, here's a pack of Fleer's last flagship baseball set, Upper Deck style. These are still favorites of the repack scene.

259 - Bobby Jenks (Jenks is still with the Sox and had a solid 2009. He's still in line to be the closer next season with J.J. Putz in the fold, so he's a worthwhile pickup. Anyone who closes is worth picking up, honestly.)

129 - Gary Sheffield (Um, no. No one should even think about giving him a job at this point.)

82 - Jake Peavy (Peavy will probably still need more time to adjust to the AL after last year's taste, so he might be a bit of a risk.)

100 - Ryan Howard (Okay, I hate to admit it, but Howard is good... Ks and all.)

198 - Lance Berkman Die Cut (I'd avoid Berkman, because I think he's on the decline and the Astros just seem like a complete mess.)

322 - Miguel Montero (At some point we're going to be nostalgic for the "old" rookie card logo. Montero had his best season yet last season and is probably a decent pickup as far as catchers go.)
367 - Shawn Riggans (Riggans is with the Mets now and has yet to make much of an impact in the majors yet.)

14 - Roy Halladay (Halladay should hopefully benefit from the transition to the more pitcher-friendly league and he's been one of my fantasy mainstays since I first started playing several years ago.)

RS-JH - Jeremy Hermida Rookie Sensations (Hermida moved over to Boston after two consecutive subpar seasons with the Fish. I'm not sure what their plans are with him.)

IZ-KG - Ken Griffey Jr. (Great looking card, but if you're a fantasy player you already know what kind of value he has at this stage of his career. If a guy has his own Super Nintendo game, he's probably too old to be on your roster.)

Now it's time for me to start looking at my rosters for my keeper league teams...

Monday, February 22, 2010

1996 Pinnacle Series 2

I picked up a hobby box of 1996 Pinnacle Series 2 at a card show recently. I'm posting the full break on my blog and here is an arbitrarily selected pack from the box.

205 - Tony Gwynn (A Hall of Famer)

222 - Lee Smith (A should-be Hall of Famer)

298 - Troy Percival

230 - Tom Glavine (A will-be Hall of Famer. I'm not sure what the story is with all the posed shots. None of these guys had been traded recently.)

264 - Reggie Sanders Hardball Heroes

319 - Carlos Perez

340 - Kent Mercker (I like horizontal cards. I don't like abbreviated names.)

386 - Chan Ho Park Rookie (Rookies are designated by having their name in red lettering instead of the usual black.)

322 - Mike Piazza .300 Series (Another will-be Hall of Famer)

358 - Mike Bordick

I'll be posting the box over the next week or so at Cards on Cards. All of the non-Cardinals will be available for trade or claiming by those that I've traded with in the past, so feel free to drop me a line.