Sunday, September 30, 2012

1994 Score Tombstone Pizza


Hope everyone is doing well.  It's the last week of baseball's regular season, and there's still some exciting races to be decided.  The extra wild card spot has done it's job and made things interesting for several teams.  I'll wait a couple of years to see how things go before I decide yay or nay on it.

Here's a quickie post to close out the month.  With my card collection project in full (but slow) swing, I am coming across all sorts of miscellaneous cards in the collection.  A lot of these random cards come from food purchases.  Here's one of them...1994 Tombstone Pizza baseball cards!

Image taken from the interwebs.  Probably not the logo used in 1994.
I only have one card, so I am assuming they tossed a sealed card into the packaging.  I also assume that I was not with my parents when they bought the pizza, otherwise, I probably would have checked to see if I can find out what card I was going to get (frozen pack searching?).  Here's the checklist, again from the interwebs:

1                     Jeff Bagwell
2                     Jay Bell
3                     Barry Bonds
4                     Bobby Bonilla
5                     Andres Galarraga
6                     Mark Grace
7                     Marquis Grissom
8                     Tony Gwynn
9                     Bryan Harvey
10                   Gregg Jefferies
11                   David Justice
12                   John Kruk
13                   Barry Larkin
14                   Greg Maddux
15                   Mike Piazza
16                   Jim Abbott
17                   Albert Belle
18                   Cecil Fielder
19                   Juan Gonzalez
20                   Mike Greenwell
21                   Ken Griffey Jr.
22                   Jack McDowell
23                   Jeff Montgomery
24                   John Olerud
25                   Kirby Puckett
26                   Cal Ripken Jr.
27                   Tim Salmon
28                   Ruben Sierra
29                   Frank Thomas
30                   Robin Yount

There's some good players in that mix of cards.  Who did I get?

Yep, not the logo they used in 1994.

#16 - Jim Abbott (front and back)

This, like the cards they tossed into cereal boxes, were not authorized by MLB, so we get the Yankee pinstripes without the NY logo.  Younger version of me did not notice this; current version of me does.

That's all for now.  More later...thanks for reading!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

1989 Collegiate Collection Kentucky Basketball and Football 2nd Edition

If you've read some of my contributions to this blog over the past couple of years, you'll know that I'm pretty much willing to open just about any kind of pack here. This is one of those "any kind of pack" kind of packs. I'm mostly familiar with the Collegiate Collection cards because they attempted to capitalize on Michael Jordan's popularity at one point (I think I still have one of those North Carolina Jordan cards) but I didn't realize the extent to which they reached out to other schools that were celebrated for their athletic prowess. This would have made the existence of a University of Oregon set pretty hilarious in the late '80s, though these days they'd have a few more names to toss into the pile.

131 - George Adams - He's running away... from something. It looks like Kentucky was playing the San Diego Chargers in this game. Adams averaged just 4.2 yards per carry in his college career, which wouldn't stand out much these days.

194 - Bill Ransdell - That is a man stache.

- Player List 3 of 3 - Yes, apparently there are 3 checklists for this set. Huge!

261 - Gayle Mohney - Mohney was a basketball and football player in the '20s, which I suppose explains why he looks like he could be a track and field athlete.

292 - Bill Bibb - Bibb knows where the bodies are stashed. Seriously.

11 - Larry Pursiful - Behold, the rarely seen ginger flattop.

10 - Dicky Beal - I got nothin'.

87 - Gene Stewart - Maybe someone from this great state could help me out here. This is a guy who, according to the stats on the back, played 28 games in his career and only made 12 field goals. In his final season, he averaged 0.6 points per game and made one solitary free throw. Did Gene Stewart work for this Collegiate Collection company?

 35 - Adolph Rupp - Here's a well known name.

50 - Bill Spivey - Spivey doesn't fake the funk on a nasty dunk.

 5 - Kenny Walker - "Sky" Walker was pretty awesome, at least in those NBA dunk contests. I'll give him that.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1990 Panini Stickers

I wouldn't necessarily call myself a sticker nut, but I used to have a Topps sticker album back in the '80s when I was barely old enough to collect. A friend of mine gave me an unused 1990 Panini binder awhile back and some extra stickers and I got down to the sticking business. I acquired a few more doubles from another blogger and then just set it aside until a recent eBay search. I thought about looking for a box, but I instead found someone selling these weird rack packs that I don't remember seeing at all back in the prime of my collecting years. There are six of the regular packets enclosed in the rack pack (36 stickers in all) along with a little foldable stand to display "your favorite player".

Here's the stand. I purchased five of these, so if anyone is interested in one I have several.

Rather than open all of the packets here, I will just show off one of them at random. Nolan Ryan is on the wrapper as well as the sticker book. You can see some of the album here.

263 - Gerald Young - I fear what they are going to do to the Astros uniforms next year when they join the AL West. Also, that is stupid. Bud Selig level stupid.

217 - Jeff Blauser - Oh, the bunt. The quintessential Braves play of the '90s.

184 - Carney Lansford League Leaders - This goes on one of the pages that shows off some players who led their league in various categories.

80 - Jim Eisenreich

39 - Chili Davis - A three-time All-Star who had a career OPS north of .800, Chili didn't really get the respect he probably deserved back in the day and remains a member of the Hall of Very Good.

23 - Boston Red Sox Foil Helmet - At least one card per packet seems to be a foil one, though like with most sticker albums there's nothing limited or special about the foil stickers necessarily. Each team has a helmet sticker and a logo sticker, both of the foil variety.

I will have a want list up at my blog later this evening if anyone has any extras for some reason. Once I finish this binder, I will move on to another classic sticker album.

1990 Action Packed Rookie Update

Here's a video ripping record quite a while ago.  I have a number of these recorded and I'll be posting them slowly but surely.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cards One Ultimate Super Jumbo Pack Mixed Sport Edition

Like its slightly more dignified cousin, the plain ol' Cards One Ultimate Super Jumbo Pack, this is certain to be a heaping mess of cards that only the most devoted fan of early '90s failure could love. This was a Dollar Tree purchase from last month. Fun?

1990 Pro Set #75 - Cody Risien - The thing about Pro Set is that they made some really nice looking cards. They had access to the official NFL photo archives, after all. Unfortunately, they didn't know when to stop making cards. I worry that there is still some industrial sized printer in a dusty basement in some far corner of the country still cranking out 1990 Jeff George variations.

Ah, yes. Cards by the Pound. The best way to purchase cards.

1989-90 O-Pee-Chee #131 - Kelly Miller - I haven't heard of him. The Caps unis looked a lot like their present day NBA counterparts.

2001 Upper Deck #86 - Matt Kuchar Young Guns - I forgot that golf cards are a thing. Or, at least they were. Does anyone buy golf cards, post-Tiger Woods douchebaggery?

1991-92 O-Pee-Chee #8S - Jarmo Myllys Special Card - What kind of card number is 8S? Also, Jarmo's name is an auto-correct disaster. Is that the Dallas North Stars logo on Jarmo's collar?

 1991-92 O-Pee-Chee #8S - Jarmo Myllys Special Card - The card so nice they gave it to me twice!

1999-00 Upper Deck #76 - Stephon Marbury - Starbury! I really like the 2000 Upper Deck baseball design, so this works for me as well.

1991-92 O-Pee-Chee #92 - Eric Weinrich - Never heard of him.

1989-90 O-Pee-Chee #285 - Steve Weeks - Correct me if I'm wrong, but Vancouver's uniforms don't look a thing like this now, do they? Also, Steve has that creep thing going on.

1991 Pro Set #305 - David Wyman - Argh, more Pro Set. I don't think this card was actually in the package when I opened it. Pro Set cards have a nasty habit of multiplying when you're not paying attention.

2001 Upper Deck National Heroes #NH8 - Thomas Bjorn - Proud product of Denmark.

1992-93 Topps #290 - Doc Rivers - Father of new NBA rookie Austin Rivers.

1992 Studio #136 - Phil Plantier - Finally, a baseball card! Phil kind of looks like the Mumford & Sons singer in a sweet early '90s sweater thing.

2001 Upper Deck #69 - J.J. Henry Young Guns - And... back to golf.

1989-90 O-Pee-Chee #321 - Brian Leetch Calder Trophy - Here's the first hockey player of the pack that I've actually heard of.

1991 Bowman #577 - Greg Olson - 1991 Bowman is an ugly set with a really interesting player selection. I wouldn't mind breaking a box of it one day and I have no idea why.

1994 Topps #25 - Troy Drayton - Drayton missed the Tecmo Super Bowl cutoff by a few years, so I have no recollection of him.

 2001 Upper Deck #15 - Duffy Waldorf - I guess all of these golf cards are from the same set.

1992-93 NBA Hoops #396 - Sean Green - According to his field goal percentage, there's only a 39.2% chance this shot went in.

2001 Upper Deck #142 - Steve Stricker Victory March - Yet another design from this golf set. It's starting to look like there were more subset cards than actual base cards.

1992-93 Upper Deck #68 - Stacey Augmon 6 Million Point Man - Ah, Plastic Man! I am totally going to watch one of those YouTube highlights compilations of Augmon now.

2001 Upper Deck #134 - John Daly Defining Moments - Here's a golfer that everyone knows, even me! I might have to put this one on Listia for the hell of it.

1994 Pinnacle #56 - Henry Jones - This is begging for a caption contest.

1989 Bowman #172 - Don Slaught - The token irregularly shaped and obviously damaged card.

1989 Bowman #130 - Don August - And that card has a friend now.

1992-93 Upper Deck #87 - Blue Edwards - Dare I say... boom shaka laka?

1988 Fleer #585 - Tony Gwynn - It's a legitimately quality baseball card!

1991-92 Upper Deck #269 - Doug West - Now I want to play Tecmo Super NBA Basketball all of a sudden.

1990-91 Fleer #53 - Dan Schayes - Denver really needs to go back to the rainbow cityscape jerseys. Everything they've done since has been downright horrible.

1990-91 Fleer #45 - Herb Williams - I have this entire set that I collated by hand when I was in high school, thinking it was going to be worth like $200 some day. I was wrong. I should pawn it off on someone soon.

1991 Pro Set Platinum #109 - Guy McIntyre - The only problem with a "high end" Pro Set set is that it's still Pro Set. That means that there is at least one of these cards for every resident of China.

1991 Score #136 - Mark Davis - I don't know... what can you say about Mark Davis?

1991 Line Drive AAA #604 - Ryan Bowen - A damaged minor league baseball card puts an end to the misery of this most Ultimate of packs.