Friday, October 25, 2019

2018-19 Import Dragon NHL Figurines Series 4

When Import Dragon taking pre-orders for MLB 2020 figures I took a visit to Clark Toys to check. The visit made me poke around the site and they got individual packs of last year's 2.5 NHL figurines on sale. I made a purchase few days ago and got it today. I remember picking one of them up while vacationing in Pittsburgh few years ago. You can re-visit the entry here. There are 36 figures in the set. You can use them to play NHL Figures League app.
Here's my pack. Let's see who I got.
It's a Blackhawks goalie! Cory Crawford not on the list so that means....
legend Ed Belfour. The figure is uncommon.
The figure comes with a disc card with app game stats. The part you scratch is the "bonus" ability of the game.
Here are the instructions on how to play.
Ed Belfour joins Henrik Zetterberg on the shelf as part of my collection

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

2019 Topps Update Baseball Retail Hanger Pack

Stopped into Wally World to pick up a few things and a few packs of Update to start my set. This was the best hanger of the bunch.

First up my favorite new guy on the Brewers.  I hope he can keep it up next year.

Topps continues to put the series under the card number, but seems really unnecessary for the update series.
 Here are the rest base cards, great photograph as always.

 The horizontal base.  I really like those rookie combo cards.

Now for the inserts.  First up one of the continuation sets, the 1984 Topps tribute.

 As advertised my one Bryce Harper insert.

 The patriotic Perennial All-Stars.

 And a nice ASG gold parallel of some guy named Acuna. 

 And while I didn't get an auto or relic in any of the packs this Griffey Legends Variation SP sure was a nice addition.

Monday, October 21, 2019

1994-95 NBA Hoops Series 1

The NBA season begins tomorrow! Where did the time go? Speaking of, well, time... here's a pack from 25 years ago.

207 - David Benoit - A staple of those really good, but not quite elite Utah teams of the '90s.

274 - Lenny Wilkens - Wilkens started his NBA coaching career in the late '60s and is still alive and kicking today. He's in the Hall as both a player and coach.

135 - Armon Gilliam - I always enjoyed the Hoops card backs. Full color and full of stats. They even included the college stats for a time, which is really cool.

68 - Chris Mullin - A '90s star with a haircut you could set your watch to.

125 - Chuck Person - It looks like Chuck is getting ready to do some serious damage to the hoop.

188 - Wayman Tisdale - The jazz man testifies.

242 - Karl Malone All-Star - I wasn't a huge fan of the early '90s All-Star uniforms, but compared to what they trot out these days, they were downright amazing.

1 - Stacey Augmon - The Plastic Man throwing it down.

93 - Ron Harper - Sadly, we didn't get any Blazers in this pack, but we do have Ron Harper going up against post-goggles Buck Williams.

87 - Byron Scott - Longtime Laker and NBA head coach.

46 - Jamal Mashburn - Was this photo cropped to avoid showing that Dikembe was about to embarrass Mashburn? I think it was.

224 - Kenny Anderson All-Star - Another '90s star in his '90s All-Star jersey.

Monday, October 14, 2019

1995 Skybox Impact Football

Another pack from Houston Sports Connection with 1995 Skybox Impact football cards. It's their second year set with NFL on FOX onboard. There are 12 cards in the pack along a game piece.
The game piece
The game piece included schedule of NFL on FOX from 1995 season.  The object is to peel off the "nose strip" and match the game on schedule. I got one match
You trade the matches in for NFL on FOX merchandise. Know anyone that once owned one?
Skybox wants you to vote this as top NFL trading card set on Tuff Stuff. Who remembers Tuff Stuff publications? Of the few that came out only Beckett remains.
54 - Bryce Paup - wearing Packers retro jersey. The back announced him signing with Bills during free agency
3 - Eric Swann - two time All-Pro
31 - Antonio Langham
150 - Jeff Burris
64 - Marshall Faulk - started his Hall of Fame career with Colts
13 - Thurman Thomas - another Hall of Famer
IP11 - Jerry Rice - insert card of another Hall of Fame player and one of best wide receivers in the NFL
162 - William Floyd - running past clutches of Thomas Everett
65 - Jeff Lageman - former Jets became part of then expansion Jacksonville Jaguars who started play in 95 season.
107 - Rob Moore - had 1000 yard receiving season and running past a Dolphin
172 - Michael Westbrook - known for punching Stephen Davis he took up MMA after his career
15 - Lamar Lathon - the former Oiler became part of then expansion Carolina Panthers

This is much better set than previous year.