Wednesday, October 09, 2019

1995 Topps Finest Series 1 Football

7 high tech cards! Lots of crazy football action! Let's go!

66 - Steve Everitt - Okay, fine, I guess we start things off with a center. Someone's got to snap the ball.

47 - Anthony Newman - A former Oregon Ducks safety. This will safely (ha!) fall into my collection of Ducks alums.

158 - Rob Fredrickson - The backs of these Finest cards are somehow even more '90s extreme. They're really sticking with the fireworks theme.

137 - Isaac Bruce - Bruce gets the Rookie designation here, but it's not a rookie card or his rookie season even. He went on to become a very important player for the Rams as their top receiver on their Super Bowl winning team.

95 - Michael Haynes - Haynes was a pretty well established receiver at this point.

100 - Deion Sanders - Neon Deion!

133 - James Jett - Here's another guy in a receiver heavy pack. In addition to his football career, Jett also was an Olympic gold medal winning track star.


Dennis said...

fwiw I think I need that Everitt!

Jafronius said...

I think I picked up a pack of this for the site as well. Yours was much better than mine.

Fuji said...

My man James Jett. Dude was hella fast.