Sunday, September 29, 2019

1992 Classic Draft Picks Football

 One of packs I picked up in Houston Sports Connection last week. Got this from their $1 bin. They mention about ten foil stamped cards in random packs. Two notable names on it are Desmond Howard and Sean Gilbert.
89 - Calvin Holmes - drafted in 7th round he never played a down in the NFL. Not off to good start.
74 - Troy Auzenne - drafted in 2nd round he played five seasons in the NFL
5 - Eugene Chung -  drafted in 1st round (13th overall) played five seasons in the NFL
80 - Robert Porcher - drafted in 1st round (26th overall) played his entire 13 year career with the Lions and is a 3-time NFL All Pro
 8 - Chris Mims - another 1st rounder he played 8 NFL seasons. He passed away in 2008.
94 - Howard Dinkins - good celebration photo shot. It's the only highlight as he played 3 games in the NFL
29 - Ashley Ambrose - here's his pose. Now he's ready for 13 year career with one Pro Bowl selection
6 - Derek Brown - looks like he's getting a heimlich maneuver. He would take a much harder hit in NFL resulting in a collapse lung and spleen and kidney damage.
30 - Sean Gilbert - 3rd overall pick had solid rookie season being named to NFL All-Rookie and Pro Bowl.
51 - Robert Brooks - played 8 seasons in NFL he would popularize Lambeau Leap celebration

The pack started off bad then it went became decent later on.

Monday, September 23, 2019

2019 Topps Fire Rack Pack


Hope everyone is doing well.  Time for a break in the dollar National packs with a pack of one of the newer Topps releases:
The millennial who I'm paired with on 3rd shift has been known to use the term "fire" when describing something awesome.  We (my supervisor and I) would then have to put him in his place when we'd have to tell him who Ricky Martin or Barry White is.  Anyway, here's what I got:

#64 - Kyle Schwarber
#175 - Yoan Moncada

I didn't know Fire was a thing this year so I didn't know what the design looked like.  This is the most un-Fire-y of the 3 Target exclusive releases; I'm still expecting fire and explosions and stuff.  It's not horrible, but it's certainly unexpected.

#91 - Jon Duplantier (RC)
#168 - Eloy Jimenez (RC)

Got a couple rookies here, one much more known than the other.  It's hard to enjoy the last name only card front when you don't really know who the player is.

#180 - Miguel Andujar (Orange parallel #22 / 299)
#SM-4 - Aaron Nola (Smoke & Mirrors Blue Chip parallel)

The Orange parallel comes 1 in every 6 packs.  The Smoke & Mirrors Blue Chip comes 1 in every 4 packs. 

#FIU-10 - Aaron Judge (Fired Up Blue Chip parallel)
#86 - Jake Bauers (RC) (Blue Chip base parallel)

The Fired Up Blue Chip comes 1 in every 4 packs.  The Bauers rookie is the 1 exclusive Blue Chip base parallel card promised on the front of the pack.

And thanks to Topps for putting that I in the Fired Up card number.

#158 - Jacob DeGrom
#76 - Brad Keller (RC)

Here's the checklist for the curious.

#108 - Brian Anderson
#86 - Jake Bauers (RC)

It's a Jake Bauers hot pack!  This pack truly is fire!

Here are some backs for the millennials:

Anyway, that's the pack.  Have a good week everyone, and thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Score 1988 Major League Baseball

A big thank you goes out to Matt F. for kindly replying to my e-mail ,In which I expressed my interest In writing for  "A Pack To Be Named Later." I've been a fan of the site for a while now and the fact that I've been given the opportunity to contribute truly Is an honor! Maybe one day I'll be fortunate enough to be mentioned In the same breath as Fuji,Night Owl or Nick from Dime Boxes but for now,please excuse my total lack of  writing ability. So with that out of the way, I now present to you - Score 1988 Major League Baseball.

Ya gotta love that packaging! As tamper-proof as It gets. 

Ahhh check out that Beckett Baseball Card Monthly offer on the pack back.

Doesn't "photo quality" depend on the quality of the camera? I would think so.In any case,your getting decent quality shots of  players In action. Here's what I pulled .... 

"Eck" as the face card works for me. I was a huge A's fan in the 80's  and Dennis Eckersley was always a favorite of mine. I may have done permanent damage to my right arm trying to imitate his delivery as a kid. 

"The Hit-Man" ! It was nice to see  Don Mattingly just two cards into the pack.

"The Big Cat" or "El Gran Gato" Is a player I like to collect. Particularly In his Expos uni.

The rest of the pack kind of fizzled out ,Dave Henderson excluded, but the overall experience of opening a pack and posting about It In real-time was a fun one!

Again,many thanks to Matt F. and the rest of the "A Pack To Be Named Later" community. Looking forward to posting again!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

1993-94 NBA Hoops Series II

It's College Football Saturday, so why not check out a really old pack of basketball cards?! NBA Hoops was celebrating their fifth anniversary at this point, but had already been acquired by rival SkyBox. I might have actually paid a buck for this.

397 - Harvey Grant - The Blazers brought over Horace Grant's younger brother to be one of their big pieces after a few solid seasons with Washington as part of what was the slow dismantling of their great teams of the early '90s.

361 - Matt Geiger - Full color backs! I always appreciated the college stats on the back. With Panini now, we're lucky if we get any stats at all.

344 - Eric Riley - Not a memorable name to me.

420 - Checklist #2 - Alright, a checklist! Series 2 usually means rookies and a few random guys that changed teams recently, along with some subsets. David Robinson is lurking in the background here.

330 - Greg Anderson - Hey, it's Cadillac Anderson.

355 - Kurt Rambis - Sort of a cult hero because he wore glasses, I guess? Is Chris Sabo the Kurt Rambis of baseball (or maybe Eric Sogard?)

365 - Dan Schayes - Danny wears short shorts.

349 - Ken Williams 5th Anniversary - A one-per-pack parallel has this gold 5th anniversary seal on it. Pretty cool.

392 - Joe Kleine - Kleine was one of several big guys of somewhat limited utility who ended up with a ring with the Bulls.

319 - Bobby Phills - Phills died in the middle of his NBA career while street racing or something, and you can barely see him here, which is too bad.

HS25 - Shawn Kemp Scoops - Kemp is about to do something here. There's a bunch of Sonics trivia on the back. Remember the Sonics? David Stern remembers.

360 - Willie Burton - Is Burton about to dunk, lay it in or get rim-checked?

HS4 - Scottie Pippen Scoops - I'm not really buying into these.