Friday, June 04, 2021

2021 Topps x Derek Jeter "Captain's Crew"

 Now for something completely different, but not really.  I had totally forgot I ordered a box, err pack, err box.  Well it's a small box with a unmarked silver pack inside.  You get 10 cards out of a 41 card set curated by Jeter himself.  This is the second time Topps and Jeter have teamed up for a Topps x product.  It's a pretty stellar checklist and almost everyone in the set has an autograph as well.  And the reason I bought a box is because my all time favorite baseball player is also in the set, Mr. Robin Yount.

And bam..I got a just who I was looking for.  If you're inclined to want to watch my pack opening you can find it here
There are 3 subsets in the set, Robin belonging to the Captain's Inspirations.
Next up was a long time rival, Jason Varitek.  Jason is in the Captain's Corner subset.

There are also two Captain's Connections cards and I was lucky enough to pull one of them.

Here are the rest of the cards I pulled.

There are color parallels to be had in the set, but besides not getting an auto I also didn't get a color parallel.  However I did pull the one cards I really, really wanted!