Friday, February 23, 2024

1990 Confex Nasty Tricks

 Today on APTBNL, we've got a wax pack of Nasty Tricks, from 1990.

Each pack contains 6 cards, 8 stickers, and 1 stick of bubble gum. Here's an image of the back of the wrapper:

It appears as if there were 68 different individual cards in the set, and 64 different individual stickers. Underneath the flap, the text states that these were made and printed in Argentina. The copyright is for a company called Confex Inc., based in New Jersey. 
First up, let's look at the 6 cards.

Sheep dipping is an actual, literal thing where farmers dip their sheep in a liquid solution to keep the wool free from infestation (mites, flies, ticks, and lice).
Look closely, and you'll see that each card is separated into two panels, with a perforation. So even though the wax pack says "6 cards", you really get 12 wacky tricks. Good value! The cards are made of a thick, tan-colored cardboard. They're blank on the back.

The Director of the Venus Beauty Academy is Venus DeMilo. Mildly clever. As for the bottom panel, 1990 was still "peak skateboard" time, so it's understandable why this one would have been created and included in the set.

The text on the top panel seems like it would a good fit for the back of a Garbage Pail Kids sticker. And I suppose the bottom card was designed to try to fool your friends or family when you're playing Monopoly with them.

I don't know why you'd want that ID. Maybe it's meant to give to a friend. As for the Nashinul Speling Sosiety, I can appreciate that joke. 

I think lots of kids would have wanted quite a few of those homework exemption cards. As for the eye chart, I was searching for a joke within all those letters, but I couldn't find one.

Finally, here's a klutz training certificate, and one of my favorites of the bunch, "Intergalactic Exchange Student".

Now the stickers, which came two per sheet, and were numbered.

The housefly got the worst of the piece of nasty gum that was in the wax pack, as you can see.

This one has a little damage, too.

The fake ink blot is a nice touch. I might have stuck that on someone else's homework.

As for these two, I'd recommend decorating your notebook or Trapper Keeper.

So that's that. For the first time ever on APTBNL, a wax pack of Nasty Tricks from 1990!
Have you ever heard of this set? Share in the comment section, and thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 11, 2024

2023 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball

 I got a hobby pack on 2023 Topps Heritage High Number set. Nine cards in a pack. Filled with rookies, players on new teams, or didn't get a card til now. I wonder how many are still with the team after 2023 season. Let's rip.

651 - Hobie Harris - first card is a rookie. He made his debut playing in 16 games. Signed a minor league contract with the Twins few weeks ago. First card of a player on a new team for 2024 season.
683 - Tristan Beck - second rookie card in this pack. Played in 33 games in 2023 season..

563 - Gus Varland - a third rookie and a player I've seen played in the minors. Pitched 16 games games for two teams before ending his season on the injured list.
663 - Peyton Battenfield - fourth rookie in this pack and wasn't with the team when the season ended. Pitched in 7 games for the Guardians bouncing between AAA club and the injured list. Would be DFA'd  a month before the season ended and got picked up by the Mets.
RP-10 - Kevin Kelly - a fifth rookie and an insert card. Had a decent rookie season getting in 57 games with ERA of 3.09. Look to be a good pick up for the Rays consider he was traded for cash.
502 - Christian Bethancourt - eventful offseason as Rays released him then Guardians claimed him only to be shipped to the Marlins.
513 - Jarred Kelenic - now with the Braves after getting traded in the offseason
549 - Jose Caballero - another rookie card. He played in 104 games in 2023. Got traded to the Rays during the offseason. Mariners making lot of trades during the offseason.

526 - Jared Schuster - played 11 games in his rookie year bouncing between the Braves and AAA club Gwinnet. Now with the White Sox via trade.

I got 7 rookie cards in this along with 6 players playing on new teams in 2024. Ready for baseball?

Thursday, February 08, 2024

2019 Topps Big League Blaster Pack


Hope everyone's doing well.  It's Super Bowl week, so here's a baseball post from the ol' Scanned folder!  I don't have a dog in the race, but as the saying goes, "in order the be the man, you gotta beat the man", the man being Mahomes.

Look at that pricing!  10 bucks for a blaster.  Thanks, Covid.

Each blaster came with 4 blue parallel cards.  I don't remember if they were in the bonus pack or if they were randomly inserted into the packs, but here's my 4:

#6 - Kevin Gausman
#307 - Carlos Santana

#65 - Matt Kemp
#101 - Travis Jankowski

Here are the backs because The Big Game:

Onto the blaster pack.  

10 cards per pack, let's see what I got:

#104 - Jose Abreu
#325 - Gerrit Cole

We've seen a rack pack on the site before; each pack has 1 of 4 possible player combos.  The design is OK since this is a low end product.  It's possible I could have been upset if this was a flagship design.

#211 - Miguel Cabrera
#53 - Josh Reddick

There are 400 cards in the set; the first 343 cards form the base and the rest are from 3 subsets (Stat Kings, Award Winners, and Highlights). 

#BO-8 - Aaron Judge (Blast Off) 
#363 - Stat Kings: 2018 AL Wins Leaders (Gold parallel)

The Blast Off insert comes 1 in 4 packs.  You also get a Gold parallel in every pack, which happens to be the Stat Kings in this case.

#94 - Leonys Martin
#277 - Sean Doolittle

Doolittle retired last year after 11 years in MLB.  He got signed by the Nationals to be on their coaching staff.

#398 - Christian Yelich (Highlights)
#97 - Aaron Hicks

Yelich had a rebound year for Milwaukee, while Hicks rebounded nicely in Baltimore.

Here are more backs because The Big Game:

Love those Did You Knows.

Anyway, that's the pack.  All the ol' Scanned folder has now are Pokemon cards, a pack of football cards (but some of the files are corrupted, so I don't know if that will ever get on here), and several scans of individual cards which may make it on here if I can think of the right angle for it.

Enjoy the Super Bowl, party responsibly, and thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

2021 Panini Prizm Draft Picks

I'm not usually one to go for draft sets in baseball, but this pack was kind of forced upon me as it fell out of a repack thing I bought recently. At five cards, this should be short and sweet.

PDP33 - Tyler Black - The first card appears to be lacking something: a logo, perhaps? I'm not sure if they couldn't get the rights to Black's school (Wright State) because, as you'll see in a moment, the rest of the pack contains college logos and the collegiate license logo on the back. This doesn't. Black was drafted by the Brewers in 2021 and made it to the AAA level last season.

PDP89 - Jose Torres - This North Carolina State product was a third round pick of the Reds and played for AA Chattanooga last season.

PDP216 - Matt Rudick - Here's a Mets draft pick who has played at all levels of their minor league system so far.

PDP151 - Gordon Graceffo - This Vanderbilt righthander was a fifth round pick for the Cardinals and is currently one of their top prospects.

DS-JH - Jaden Hill Draft Standouts - The last card is an insert card. Hill was a second round pick for the Rockies but hasn't thrown many innings in his career so far.

2018 Panini Football Retail


Hope everyone is doing well.  It's my first post of the year, so I hope you all have a great 2024, or at minimum, may it be better than 2023.

We got our final 4 NFL teams all set up for Championship weekend.  It's been an interesting playoffs to say the least.  To celebrate, let's show some football cards.  From my Scanned folder, here's a pack my eldest picked up in one of those football repacks.  

Sorry in advance...not sure why I didn't try to retake these pictures.

Assuming this is a retail pack, here's what he got:

#242 - Michael Bennett
#93 - Derek Wolfe

I believe this was the last year of the "Panini Football" line.  It's as if this was the equivalent to Panini's NBA Hoops, since they have the "traded to" or "signed by" text here on Michael Bennett's card.

#33 - Tre'Davious White
#54 - Kyle Fuller

White is still with the Bills, but he's been hurt the last couple of years.  Bummer how they lost to the Chiefs.

#235 - Jordy Nelson 
#376 - Connor Williams (RC)

There's 400 cards in the set, with the last 100 being Short Printed Rookies.  Here's the checklist if you're interested.  

Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, and Saquon Barkley were among the rookies that year.  Connor's still in the league, playing for Miami.

#203 - Michael Thomas
#122 - Whitney Mercilus

The design is minimalistic; I like it overall, though I'm surprised they went with a "P" logo instead of their Knight logo.

Here are the backs because Playoffs:

Anyway, that's the pack, short and sweet.  I have at least one more pack in the Scanned folder so I'll get that out before the newer stuff.  

Have a good week everyone, and thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 18, 2024

1999 Victory Football

It's playoff time, so let's check out another old pack of football cards. This is another one that I found at a card show recently. Upper Deck released a Victory branded set for several years in baseball (and probably longer in hockey), but this claims to be the first edition of a Victory NFL set.

118 - Fred Taylor - Our first card of the pack is a Jacksonville Jaguar. The Jags were still a relatively new franchise at this point.

289 - Jerome Bettis - The "All-Victory-Team" subset design is a bit weird. The dashes are very strange. When you're The Bus, you're going to obscure some of the letters on this busy looking thing.

92 - Herman Moore - Moore was a star player for a team that didn't often have a lot going for it.

66 - Marquez Pope - Pope was new to the Browns (who were, oddly, an expansion team in 1999) so he's shown at practice here.

243 - Travis Jervey - New team with an old uniform. His last name is one letter off from a terrific sports name.

322 - Jamal Anderson - Here's another busy subset design. Jamal Anderson was a huge star for a short time.

217 - Trent Green - Trent Green somewhat famously turned his excellent 1998 season with Washington, only the second of his career, into a big contract where he was supposed to lead the upstart Rams only to be forced to make way for the Kurt Warner Story due to injury.

220 - Amp Lee - Another Rams guy, Lee was always more of a passing catching back.

194 - Rickey Dudley - Years from now, no one is going to be able to keep track what years the Raiders played where.

293 - Jerry Rice - One of the most famous wide receivers of all-time.

292 - Doug Flutie - Flutie's notoriety always seemed to eclipse his actual accomplishments on the field.

420 - Sedrick Irvin - Each pack promises one rookie card, and we get this guy on a trampoline, apparently. I'm not sure if these were short printed or if there just weren't very many rookies in this set.

The last thing in the pack is this bonus sweepstakes card.