Tuesday, October 16, 2018

50 Assorted Dallas Cowboys Cards

Dallas Cowboys are 3-3 so far with on and off games, questionable play-calling (4th and 1 in overtime and you punt despite having Zeke?), offense that shows life for one quarter then get lost the remaining game, and their no. 1 receiver is a scrappy Cole Beasley. I picked this up at Fanzz shop in Houston which I find it bit strange. Then again it was same weekend Cowboys and Texans played each other. The cards will sorted out by year and set.
1988 Topps: 264 - Roger Ruzek
1989 Topps Traded: 75T - Steve Walsh; 119T - Mike Saxon - I got two of Walsh. There was short-lived QB competition between him and Troy Aikman as both were plucked in a draft. You know how the story went.
1989 Pro Set: 98 - Jimmy Johnson - the architect of Cowboys dynasty. Started off with Herschel Walker trade, making trades, nabbing draft picks, and completely re-built a team into a contender by second year. Too bad Jerry Jones have to ruin it.
1990 Topps: 487 - Kelvin Martin
1990 Fleer: 385 - Bill Bates; 389 - Michael Irvin - got an Irvin card. Anyone wears 88 for Cowboys have gigantic shoes to fill like the previous player who wore it.
1991 Pro Set: 129 - Jack Del Rio; 135 - Jimmy Johnson; 484 - Jay Novacek - JDR became a coach with Jaguars and Raiders. Novacek was good FA pickup and part of key component of the dynasty.
1990 Pro Set Super Bowl XXV: 106 - Mel Renfro - Pro Set, despite its numerous errors, made great use on using NFL archive photos on cards like this one. The action from Super Bowl X. The set comes either in a full set or in packs with gum.
1991 Pacific: 106 - Derrick Shepard
1991 Upper Deck: 107 - Michael Irvin; 257 - Tommie Agee
1991 Topps Stadium Club: 228 - Troy Aikman - Hall of Famer avoids the Giants and throws it
1991 Pro Line Portraits: 93 - Danny Noonan; 122 - Alonzo Highsmith
1992 Score: 158 - Jack Del Rio; 406 - Jim Jeffcoat
1992 Upper Deck: 542 - Nate Newton - six-time Pro Bowler opening holes for Emmitt Smith and protecting Troy Aikman.
1992 Pro Set: 147 - Ray Horton; 152 - Alexander Wright
1992 Edge: 228 - Jimmy Smith - didn't know he was a Cowboy. He would become a star receiver for Jaguars.
1992 Fleer Ultra: 80 - Alvin Harper; 84 - Daryl Johnston - Moose barreling through
1992 Skybox: 22 - Jay Novacek; 256 - Jimmie Jones - Skybox got in football card industry
1992 Topps Stadium Club: 447 - Michael Irvin - blowing past a Bengal
1993 Fleer Ultra: 96 - Russell Maryland - getting through Packers line
1993 Edge: 47 - Russell Maryland
1994 Fleer: 108 - Larry Brown; Darren Woodson - Brown's Super Bowl performance made Raiders overpay and ended up getting mediocrity
1994 Fleer Ultra: 50 - Darrin Smith
1994 Upper Deck SP: 120 - Michael Irvin
1995 Upper Deck Collector Choice: 122 - Alvin Harper
1996 Topps Stadium Club: 116 - Deion Sanders - sweet photo of Prime Time launching over Raghib Ismail and intercepting the ball.
1996 Pinnacle: 119 - Erik Williams
1996 Fleer: 34 - Daryl Johnston
1997 Topps: 299 - Darren Woodson
1997 Upper Deck: 135 - Michael Irvin - four Irvin cards in his re-pack
2000 Pacific: 41 - Jason Tucker
2001 Pacific Vanguard: 23 - Raghib Ismail - after getting outjumped by Prime Time he joined Cowboys few years later.
2002 Leaf Stars and Rookies: 300 - Woody Dantzler III - there was preseason game he made bunch of moves on a return
2004 Topps: 66 - Terence Newman
2004 Upper Deck Legends: 25 - Keyshawn Johnson - just give him the ball
2008 Upper Deck: 54 - Patrick Crayton - from week 2 game in Miami which Cowboys won
2009 Upper Deck America's Team: 16 - Cliff Harris - Upper Deck's Dallas Cowboys set featuring past and then-present players.
2013 Topps: Joseph Randle - Jailbird can never stay out of trouble
2016 Paninin Contenders: 2 - Jason Witten -  the recently retired TE

Not a bad re-pack of random Cowboys cards. Got four Irvins, Aikman, and that awesome Sanders card. Let's see what disaster Cowboys will have this season. I'm guessing they will finish 7-9 and I'm being generous there.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

1994-95 NBA Hoops Series 2

Basketball season is right around the corner. As in, like, next week. Here's a pack from the past. Lots of Cool Foil Cards Inside, kids! 

425 - Juwan Howard / Isaiah Rider Top This! This is a two-sided card commemorating recent draft picks, made to look like quasi magazine covers, I guess?

327 - Carlos Rogers - In case you couldn't tell, Rogers is a ROOKIE.

391 - Atlanta Hawks Trivia - Each team has their own trivia card in the set, with the team logo and related design on the front. The Hawks get, er, feathers. The back has a team-related trivia question.

310 - Michael Adams - Teal, the '90s color! This is one of the few cards in the pack with the actual base design.

364 - Wesley Person - Person went on to have a pretty solid career.

397 - Denver Nuggets - Another team/trivia card. It's gold, because... nuggets.

PR-52 - Karl Malone Power Ratings - These were a one-per-pack insert.

375 - Dontonio Wingfield - Wingfield was probably better known for his legal troubles than his playing career. That's a pretty sweet Sonics warm-up, though.

329 - Rony Seikaly - Wow, it's DJ Rony again!

399 - Golden State Warriors Trivia - Get it?

433 - Toni Kukoc Gold Mine - These probably sounded good on paper, but they're absolutely garish to look at.

305 - Steve Smith - The backs look like classic NBA Hoops cards, which is nice.