Thursday, June 20, 2024

2023-24 Panini NBA Sticker and Card Collection

We're back with another sticker + card pack. It may not be all that timely with the NBA season just concluding, but for all we know it could be another year before we see another season's worth of Panini releases on the shelves.

382 - Steven Adams - Similar to the football packet posted last weekend, these come with five stickers to stick in your album plus one full-sized card. The design is a bit different than the NFL release, and there's no bio info on either side of these.

388 - Rudy Gobert - This pack contained one foil sticker, and much like it's NFL counterpart, it contains a bunch of hologram Panini logos in the background.

356 - Mason Plumlee - It's a Clipper!

189 - Monte Morris - Rather than use Photoshop, Panini tends to mark a player's team switch by just using the new logo and putting some text on the side.

461 - Colby Jones - Panini actually traded in their 'RC' shield for an 'RS' shield, as in Rookie Sticker. Nice?

45 - Dejounte Murray (Card) - The one full size card in the pack is the underrated Hawks guard Dejounte Murray. The full-sized cards do have a small two line section of text on the back for the player's bio.

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Bulldog said...

The design on these is pretty good. Like Stephen Adams but the retro Kings uni stuck out to me. I need to pick up some of these. Haven't seen any yet but I won't hesitate when I see them. I'm okay with the Rookie Sticker shield. Different can be good. Nice looking Murray sticker too. Thanks for sharing the stickers.