Monday, April 30, 2018

1993 Pacific Spanish Series 1

A couple of weeks ago at a local card show, I picked up dozens of old "junk wax" packs at 4/$1.  Probably a third of them were from this set.  The bad news is that almost all of the cards were stuck to the ones above and below.  The good news is that it was really fun to open these packs. 

There's a previous blog post (you can read it here), but it's from 2010, so why not post another? 

Per"Issued in two 330-card series, these 660 standard-size cards represent Pacific's first effort at a nationally distributed, MLB-licensed card set. All text on both sides is in Spanish. The cards are numbered on the back, grouped alphabetically within teams, and checklisted below alphabetically according to teams in both series. Each series card numbering is alphabetical by players within teams with the teams themselves in order by team nickname. Very early in the printing, Rob Maurer (number 313) was printed with, very obviously, someone else's photo on the card. This very tough card is rarely seen in the hobby and since it is so thinly traded there is no established market value. On the Third Annual Latin Night at Yankee Stadium (July 22, 1993; New York Yankees versus California Angels), four-card foil packs, featuring a title card and three player cards, were given away."

If you need any of these for your collection, below are a couple of links where you can find the cards.

1993 Pacific Baseball on COMC
1993 Pacific Baseball on Sportlots

Now, onto what you opened to see...

Not a whole lot to look at.  I liked Pacific, but this debut issue left a lot to be desired.  Does anyone out there have anything good to say about the set? 

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

1993 Score Football Super Pack

I'm a big fan of when companies used the same design across multiple sports, if the design was a good one.  I loved the 1993 Score football, baseball and hockey design.  It was crisp and clean.  It took a little while to get used to the font that was used, but I grew to love it. 

Per"The 1993 Score football set consists of 440 standard-size cards. Cards were issued in 16 and 35-card packs. . Subsets featured are Rookies (306-315), Super Bowl Highlights (411-412), Double Trouble (413-416), Rookie of the Year (417-420), 90 Plus Club (421-430), Highlights (431-434), and Hall of Fame (436-439). The set concludes with a Man of the Year card (440), honoring Steve Young. Each 16-card pack included one Pinnacle card from a 55-card "Men of Autumn" set not found in regular Pinnacle packs. Dealers could receive one of 3,000 limited-edition autographed Dick Butkus cards for each order of 20 foil boxes. Rookie Cards include Jerome Bettis, Drew Bledsoe, Curtis Conway and Garrison Hearst."

I'm not collecting much modern anymore, but as a collector I wish current sets were more like this and less like they are.  I'm not a flipper that's just looking for a top star.  I don't like 100 or 200 card sets.  I love that this set has linemen and kickers (you'll see them in my pack).  I'm more in line with team collectors and would love to have a 20 card team set, not a five card one.  That's just me, though. 

If you read my personal blog, you saw last month how I came into these.  It's pure nostalgia and fun for me.  In 1993, I was looking for the Drew Bledsoe rookie.  I had a solid collection of his cards.  It's since been given up in one of my purges, so in 2018, I am looking for a Drew Bledsoe card.  I could get it for 45 cents on COMC, but where's the fun in that? 

If you want to pick up any singles for nostalgia sake, there are obviously plenty of options.

1993 Score Football on COMC
1993 Score Football on Sports Card Direct
1993 Score Football on Sportlots

Okay, on to what you actually came for.

I'm sure a lot of collectors would love to have a "Super Pack" these days that contains 35 card for less than two bucks.  I do believe there are still enough base and team collectors that will buy low-end.  Unfortunately, I feel like there's becoming less and less for them to collect.

1993 insert ratios on the back of the pack is nothing like 2018!

Look at that!  The top card in my pack is a lineman!  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Nice, clean card backs. 

This was the only rookie in the pack.  Curtis Conway is one of those guys that seems like he was a bust, but he really wasn't.  He was the seventh overall pick in the 1993 draft, but wasn't a superstar.  He only scored more than seven touchdowns once.  He only broke 1,000 yards receiving three times.  Truth be told, I didn't realize he ever did. 

He played 12 seasons in the NFL, scoring 52 touchdowns with 8230 receiving yards.  While not earth-shattering, it was a solid career.  For what it's worth, three of the guys drafted ahead of him were Rick Mirer, Eric Curry and John Copeland.  Conway probably had a better career than those three. 

This is one of the glossy "Men of Autumn" inserts.

After spending 25 years in the pack, the card was stuck to the next one and left white spots on both the back of the Spielman, and the front of the next card.

This card is a "Dream Team" insert.

Cards like this are missing in modern releases.  The big uglies deserve love too.

I never considered Browning Nagle a WVU guy since he transferred out, but in my old age I think I should keep this one and add it to my Mountaineer collection. 


Score saved the punter for last in this pack.  Sweet! 

Let us know what you think in the comments below.  What do you think about the design?  Do you miss bigger sets that include linemen, kickers and more defensive players?

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