Sunday, December 31, 2023

1997 Got'Um NASCAR Coins

An oddball set featuring NASCAR and I got a pack for a quarter. About 25 drivers grace the coins. The coin in my pack is.......
Ward Burton who drove for Bill Davis Racing no. 22 which was sponsor by MBNA at the time. The talented driver did what he can do driving the Pontiac Grand Prix. The team would switch to Dodge in 2001. He already have a race win under his belt by the time this coin got released. He would win 4 more times including 2002 Daytona 500.

This big cardboard Got-Um card along with licensing rights on the back.

Good? Yes. All-time great? Not really. Another thing I found the checklist and the late Dale Earnhardt not on it.

Friday, December 29, 2023

2018 Topps Big League Retail


Hope everyone had an excellent Christmas and is ready for New Year's celebrations.  I had planned to have this posted shortly after Thanksgiving, but just like that we're a couple of days away from 2024 and this was still sitting in drafts.  This last month of the year always seems to go by quick, am I right?

I had this pack in my Scanned folder for years and while we did post a rack pack and a hobby pack, I never got around to getting this retail pack uploaded, so let's rectify this injustice, shall we?

Since we've had 2 packs from this set, I'll keep this short and sweet.  10 cards in a pack; let's see what we got:

#143 – Josh Bell
#379 – Todd Frazier

Ah, the big team logo and simple card design.

#361 – Ballpark Landmarks: PNC Park
#150 – Mike Trout

I'm a big fan of the Landmarks subset (even though it didn't cover all the ballparks), and who doesn't enjoy getting a Trout in a pack?

#296 – German Marquez
#56 – Wil Myers

There's 400 cards in the set, along with the various parallels.  Here's the checklist if you need to see it.

#205 – Chris Taylor
#163 – Logan Morrison

#62 – Robinson Cano (Players Weekend Image Variation)
#20 – Alex Gordon (Gold Parallel)

The Players Weekend insert comes 1 in every 3 packs, while you get 1 Gold parallel per pack.

You're telling me Robinson is also known as "Don't You Know"?  Kinda lame to me.

Here are the backs, now with extra Did You Knows!

Anyway, that's the pack.  

Personally, 2023 had more downs than ups, so I hope the new year flips the script.  I hope all of you have a great New Year's as well.  Party hard (but responsibly), and thanks for reading!