Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2007 Playoff Prestige NFL Retail

One of my favorite card brands has always been Prestige. I just always have like the look of there cards. Some say they are simple, but this is a classy simple. I received this pack of 07 Prestige Retail in one of those value boxes and have been waiting to open it for you all. These packs always seem to surprise me, so maybe this one will be money. 

#35- Braylon "Butter Fingers" Edwards.

#59- Andre "I will punch you in the face" Johnson.

#205- Lorenzo "I'm in the UFL now but the Vikings wanted to sign me but wouldn't pay a $150,000 transfer fee so I boycotted my last UFL game" Booker- Gold Xtra Points Insert.

#246- Jeff "I was cut by the Patriots this season" Rowe.

#122- Philip "Giants Fan Love me for that trade" Rivers.

Cool little pack for just being Retail. I wish the insert was numbered but it's a nice pick up because he might get signed next season by someone and play again in the NFL (I hope). Bad situation for Booker this season with the transfer fee, but maybe next season. All three base cards of the Vets were all drafted in the 1st round. And it's funny to pull the Johnson after that rough fight. 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

1980 Topps Football

  • This was the last year of the classic Topps logo. They switched to the modern logo in 1981.
  • Each pack had 12 cards and the ubiquitous slab of gum.
  • This set was licenced by the NFLPA but not by the NFL. Players names were allowed to be used, but not the team logos. I never noticed this when I collected the set 30+ years ago, but it really stands out now.
  • This was the last football set I collected from packs. After the 1981 baseball season I must have run out of  money or something.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

2010-11 Prestige Basketball Hobby

I didn't pay $5.99 for the pack. I know I have to keep saying that but remember I had the coupon and bought a ton of packs just for all of you! Ok I don't collect Basketball, but this pack of 2010-11 Prestige was sitting there and I thought, why not. You get 8 cards and we are looking for a John Wall Rookie Card. Let's see what we find!

#130- Jamal Mashburn

#105- George Hill

Insert: Bonus Shots "Gold". #60- Michael Beasley #d 125/249

#157- Greg Monroe RC. 6'11" Center- First Round Pick. Has been playing this year, but only about 15 minutes a game. 

#57- Dwyane Wade

#15- Luol Deng

#48- Eric Gordon

#6- Kendrick Perkins

So there it is. The only thing that I like about this pack is the fact you get 8 cards. Most packs these days are only giving you 4 or 5 cards unless is a regular Topps or UD pack. So I like that. Again the look of the cards are ugly. The backs again are basic. Nothing fancy about these cards. Oh yeah- I didn't pull the Wall...Darn.

Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 Topps Chrome Football Hobby

Don't worry I didn't pay $4.99 for this pack. I'm not a huge chrome guy. I hate when the cards start to curl up, but I do like pulling refractors. These packs only come with four packs which is sad. I know 2010 Topps Chrome also only comes with 4. From what i've read and heard, Topps missed on this set. So let's see what I get.


#C151- Joey Porter.

Frank Gore 50th Anniversary Reprint Insert.

C43- Eli Manning.

C213- Nathaniel Allen RC.

Ew horrible pack. Even the insert is horrible! Nothing good here. Unless you pull one of the RC short prints, this is just a regular set. If you noticed on some of the scans the cards look like they are covered in a powder, don't worry you're not seeing things. Topps finally put some powder on the cards so that they don't stick to each other. Either that of i'm going to die in a few minutes....

So terrible pack, basic looks to the cards again, and this is NOT a winner in my book!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

2008 HIT Low Series Football

I received this pack of 2008 HIT Low Series Football cards from one of those Variety boxes that you get in certain stores. In this pack we are looking at 6 cards. The packs originally sold for $1.99 a pack. So let's see what he have here.

#5- Joe Flacco (Ravens). Off to a good start.

#18- Jacob Hester (Chargers).

#23- Jake Long (Dolphins).

#41- Brandon Flowers (KC Chiefs).

#27- Alex Brink (No longer playing).

Last card is an insert- #31- Derrick Harvey (Jacksonville) Glossy Card. These cards are super glossy on both sides. 

Cool cards if you collect players in College Uniform. I didn't pull an Alabama card which is upsetting. But i've always liked these because of the College Team Uniforms. These are not high dollar cards by any means, but still a cool little set to collect.