Saturday, November 27, 2010

2010-11 Prestige Basketball Hobby

I didn't pay $5.99 for the pack. I know I have to keep saying that but remember I had the coupon and bought a ton of packs just for all of you! Ok I don't collect Basketball, but this pack of 2010-11 Prestige was sitting there and I thought, why not. You get 8 cards and we are looking for a John Wall Rookie Card. Let's see what we find!

#130- Jamal Mashburn

#105- George Hill

Insert: Bonus Shots "Gold". #60- Michael Beasley #d 125/249

#157- Greg Monroe RC. 6'11" Center- First Round Pick. Has been playing this year, but only about 15 minutes a game. 

#57- Dwyane Wade

#15- Luol Deng

#48- Eric Gordon

#6- Kendrick Perkins

So there it is. The only thing that I like about this pack is the fact you get 8 cards. Most packs these days are only giving you 4 or 5 cards unless is a regular Topps or UD pack. So I like that. Again the look of the cards are ugly. The backs again are basic. Nothing fancy about these cards. Oh yeah- I didn't pull the Wall...Darn.

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Charles @ Hoopography said...

Yeah, def not Panini's best offering. However, I like that they included some players from back in the day like "Monster" Mash.