Wednesday, November 03, 2010

2010 Topps UFC

Ok this will be my first and defiantly not my last post. Made a stop at the local K-Mart to look for some packs to buy so that I can contribute to this site. One pack I found hanging up all by itself was a value pack for 2010 Topps UFC cards. So I'm not going to put you to sleep reading this...let's rip it open!

A look at the value pack. 11 cards and we are looking for a nice auto! But my luck is pretty bad, so let's see what we have.

#72- Martin Kampmann. Basic Topps Layout. Not sure who he is though.

#83- Diego Sanchez. You should remember him from the 1st Ultimate Fighter where he won.

#BL-8 Bloodlines: Lyoto Machida. He and his family all train in Brazil. I guess that's the point of these inserts. They do have a nice refractor finish though.

#175- Dan "Punkass" Caldwell. Sweet Nickname!

#130- TJ Grant. I guess that's his "I'm tough face". I look like that early in the morning after my cup of coffee in the bathroom.

The next cards I won't scan as I have no clue who they are:
#39- Efrain Escudero.
#36- Brian Stann.
#21- Cole Miller.

#138- Jacob Volkmann Insert. This is a thick card. It has gold foil on it.

#180- Kevin Mulhall- Referee Card. Not sure why they have these but sure why not!

#144- James McSweeney UFC Debut. Just showing the back of the cards. Again, a very simple design.

Well that is all for this break. Nothing special. Topps seems to like the simple design of it's cards. Each card is very glossy. I would have tried to send them for some Through The Mail Autographs, but they are to glossy. If you like UFC these cards would be for you as I would guess the set has about 200 cards in it.

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