Thursday, November 25, 2010

2008 HIT Low Series Football

I received this pack of 2008 HIT Low Series Football cards from one of those Variety boxes that you get in certain stores. In this pack we are looking at 6 cards. The packs originally sold for $1.99 a pack. So let's see what he have here.

#5- Joe Flacco (Ravens). Off to a good start.

#18- Jacob Hester (Chargers).

#23- Jake Long (Dolphins).

#41- Brandon Flowers (KC Chiefs).

#27- Alex Brink (No longer playing).

Last card is an insert- #31- Derrick Harvey (Jacksonville) Glossy Card. These cards are super glossy on both sides. 

Cool cards if you collect players in College Uniform. I didn't pull an Alabama card which is upsetting. But i've always liked these because of the College Team Uniforms. These are not high dollar cards by any means, but still a cool little set to collect. 

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Todd Uncommon said...

Not every day you pull a Washington State player. Nice job on the Brink. Of course, he's the only one of the pack not in the NFL currently...