Wednesday, November 27, 2019

1992 Classic Basketball Draft Picks

I'm here with 16 card pack of 1992 Classic Basketball Draft Picks. The 92 NBA draft known for Shaq going first overall follow by Alonzo Mourning and Christian Laettner. All three are on the set along players who went drafted or undrafted. See if I can pull either of the three or those who went to long NBA careers like Latrell Sprewell. Might be a chance at "Baby Jordan" Harold Miner.
65 - Mik Kilgore - not drafted and played overseas. Passed away last year
64 - Herb Jones - went undrafted
63 - Ed Book - undrafted and played in New Zealand where he's from
62 - Tim Burroughs - got a player that was drafted. Timberwolves selected him 51st overall of the draft but didn't play for them. He spent his entire career overseas or
61 - Steve Rogers - drafted 40th overall by Nets but didn't play for them. Spent entire career overseas. It came full circle as he went from playing to coaching at Alabama St
5 - Litterial Green - got a player that played in NBA. Played five seasons along stint in defunct CBA during that time before going overseas
80 - Alex Blackwell - undrafted but got 27 game stint with Lakers in his only NBA season
79 - Jo Jo English - undrafted but played will Bulls in three separate stints as he bounced between CBA to NBA. Those 10-day contracts can get you somewhere in NBA. Known for the fight with Derek Harper that got spilled to courtside stands right in front view of David Stern.
25 - Jon Barry - drafted in 1st round he played 14 years in NBA before transitioning to NBA analyst
31 - Jimmy Jackson - A lottery pick (4th overall) he played 14 seasons with record holding 12 teams. Meanwhile good photo selection on this card.
32 - Matt Steigenga - played for Bulls 5 years after they drafted him with stints in Spain, CBA, and Japan in between. He played his only two games of his NBA career before finishing his career in CBA. Those two games got him a NBA championship ring despite being no longer on the team.
33 - Robert Horry -good picture shot of him shooting the long ball which he did for 16 years in the NBA.  He landed himself on 7 NBA championship teams the most of the modern era.
34 - Marlon Maxey - impressive BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA picture shot! He played two seasons with Timberwolves before spending remainder of his career overseas
35 - Reggie Slater - went undrafted but able to played for 7 teams in 8 seasons in the NBA.
70 - Van Usher - nice name! Went undrafted and never played in NBA
BC2 - Billy Owens - Magician is 20 card foil insert set. It's a flashback card of Billy Owens who was drafted in 91.

Monday, November 25, 2019

2019-20 Hoops retail

With the new NBA season upon us, the first brand of the year is Hoops. Here's a look at one of the packs that comes out of the box Target has up on the wall, a single pack of 8 cards. My local Target either didn't bring in or already sold out of the blasters and fatpacks...

The first card is pretty darn spectacular, in being the most talented player to come along since one LeBron James.
#296, this is from the Tribute subset, which is apparently the only nod to this being Hoops' 30th anniversary.
#89 Anthony Davis
#47 Nikola Jokic
#101 Derrick Jones Jr.
#110 Andrew Wiggins
#168 Bogdan Bogdanovic
Arriving Now. #19 Luka Samanic
Get Out the Way Holo #9 (much nicer in person
#228 Bruno Fernando

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, I really did get 9 cards out of an 8 card pack...which is working it's way towards making up for that time I got 4 cards out of an 8 card pack back during the 2013-14 season, I guess.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

2018 Topps Opening Day Retail


Hope everyone is doing well.  It's been a while since anyone has posted on here.  It's been a down year overall...we'll be lucky if we make it to 100 posts for the year.

Anyway, I haven't had the time to take pics of any new stuff, so time to grab something from the saved folder.  We've seen the hanger pack, so here's a couple retail offerings from last year's Opening Day:

There's 200 cards in the set, along with the parallels and mostly-fun inserts.  Here's the first pack:

#88 – Johnny Cueto
#188 – Paul Dejong
#96 – Yadier Molina

Apologies in advance for the light pics.  I guess I didn't have the flash on.  Everyone remembers the
water slide set, right?

ODS-SS – Stephen Strasburg (Opening Day Stars)
#M-15 – TC Bear (Mascots)

The Opening Day Stars come 1 in 27 packs, and the lovable Mascots come 1 in 4 packs.

#198 – Mark Reynolds
#98 – Corey Dickerson

Here's the backs...wait, what?  TC Bear has a statue?

Onto the second pack:

#57 – Yasiel Puig
#157 – Jesse Winker

Here's the checklist if you're still tracking down the set.

#M-10 – Dinger (Mascots)
#SS-NA – Nolan Arenado (Stadium Signatures) 

Again, the Mascots come 1 in 4 packs, but if I read the pack odds right, the Stadium Signatures comes 1 in 572 packs?  That's a winner in my book!

#38 – Danny Salazar
#138 – Luiz Gohara 
#28 – Avisail Garcia

I had noted in the file that the Gohara card used a different image than it's Flagship counterpart.  I don't have a scanned image of Flagship Gohara to show, but I'm too tired to check into it now.

Here's the back of the Rockies inserts:

Anyway, those are the packs.  If the blog is silent next week, have a fun and safe Thanksgiving!  Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

1990-91 Skybox Basketball Series 2

The inaugural set of Skybox basketball was out of the world different. The set screamed 90s going artsy on the cardboard. It was hottest set at the time with packs selling for $1 when it came out. This is series 2 pack consisting of cards from 301-423 of the set with series 1 cards mixed in.
19 - Kevin McHale - keeping the ball away from the defender in front of artsy graphics on the background. Back of the card got him in his All-Star jersey.
319 - Matt Guokas - coach's reflects the season with motivation team thoughts
224 - Kevin Johnson
222 - Jeff Hornacek - the stripes to Suns colors. On the back of the card I can hear the announcer yell "Starting at guard...."
309 - Don Nelson
92 - John Salley - Spider Salley signing autographs
93 - Isiah Thomas - member of The Bad Boys Pistons
378 - T.R. Dunn - I never heard of him before
171 - Sam Mitchell
199 - Nick Anderson - laying it up. On the back the card he will have nightmares on shooting free throws at the finals
375 - Alex English - in a jersey than isn't a Nugget. This is so wrong
37 - B.J. Armstrong
50 - Brad Daugherty - still running NASCAR team. Named Ricky Stenhouse as his driver for next season.
50 - Rickey Green
158 - Jay Humphries