Sunday, September 30, 2012

1994 Score Tombstone Pizza


Hope everyone is doing well.  It's the last week of baseball's regular season, and there's still some exciting races to be decided.  The extra wild card spot has done it's job and made things interesting for several teams.  I'll wait a couple of years to see how things go before I decide yay or nay on it.

Here's a quickie post to close out the month.  With my card collection project in full (but slow) swing, I am coming across all sorts of miscellaneous cards in the collection.  A lot of these random cards come from food purchases.  Here's one of them...1994 Tombstone Pizza baseball cards!

Image taken from the interwebs.  Probably not the logo used in 1994.
I only have one card, so I am assuming they tossed a sealed card into the packaging.  I also assume that I was not with my parents when they bought the pizza, otherwise, I probably would have checked to see if I can find out what card I was going to get (frozen pack searching?).  Here's the checklist, again from the interwebs:

1                     Jeff Bagwell
2                     Jay Bell
3                     Barry Bonds
4                     Bobby Bonilla
5                     Andres Galarraga
6                     Mark Grace
7                     Marquis Grissom
8                     Tony Gwynn
9                     Bryan Harvey
10                   Gregg Jefferies
11                   David Justice
12                   John Kruk
13                   Barry Larkin
14                   Greg Maddux
15                   Mike Piazza
16                   Jim Abbott
17                   Albert Belle
18                   Cecil Fielder
19                   Juan Gonzalez
20                   Mike Greenwell
21                   Ken Griffey Jr.
22                   Jack McDowell
23                   Jeff Montgomery
24                   John Olerud
25                   Kirby Puckett
26                   Cal Ripken Jr.
27                   Tim Salmon
28                   Ruben Sierra
29                   Frank Thomas
30                   Robin Yount

There's some good players in that mix of cards.  Who did I get?

Yep, not the logo they used in 1994.

#16 - Jim Abbott (front and back)

This, like the cards they tossed into cereal boxes, were not authorized by MLB, so we get the Yankee pinstripes without the NY logo.  Younger version of me did not notice this; current version of me does.

That's all for now.  More later...thanks for reading!

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