Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012 Topps Allen and Ginter Retail

I purchased a blaster of 2012 Allen and Ginter last night and here's the best pack from the it.  I didn't get any relics in this blaster but this is a very strong pack.

We begin with what has to be the best looking card from this year's set.  This is clearly my favorite card I've pulled from any 2012 pack and I'm definitely going to track down multiple copies of it.
#247 Hank Aaron
Last week Tony La Russa decided that Matt Cain would start the All-Star game instead of R.A. Dickey one of the reasons given was that it would mean Buster Posey would have to catch for the knuckle baller and it seemed like La Russa felt Posey wasn't able to do that.

#47 Buster Posey

I believe this Cal Ripken Jr. card is a short print which fall in 1:2 packs.  This cards seems really familiar to me in that I think it is close to an image that Upper Deck used on their Masterpieces packaging.  I tried to search it out but I can't locate it.  Maybe I'm just crazy.

#324 Cal Ripken Jr.
I tweeted this scan to dayf and commented that it looks like they used too much white out on this one.  He feels that Allen and Ginter cannot seem to get the horizontal cards to ever work and that I ruined his evening with this card.  Sorry dayf!

#33 Chipper Jones
And here's another card that will piss dayf off.  This year's Allen & Ginter have done away with the famous portrait on the back of their minis and replaced it with an "A&G" shield.  Personally, not a fan as well.  

And last but not least, another Hall of Famer.  The A's green and gold uniforms really jump out at you from the white card stock.

#254 Rickey Henderson


deal said...

Agreed - don't like the new A/G back logo. I find the '.' at the end of Names a bit weird - especially on Ripkens card 'JR..' cmon.

Commishbob said...

Heck that Aaron is as nice as ANY card from any pack for 2012. Very nice.

night owl said...

"We begin with what has to be the best looking card from this year's set."

You do know Kate Upton is in the set, right?

Matt F. said...

Night Owl,

I reject the reality that Kate Upton has a baseball card and choose to substitute my own reality.

dayf said...

THEY ERASED HIS HEAD. And his bare hand reaching for the ball. Which is the most interesting part of that photo. That card is bad and Topps should feel bad. At least they didn't murder Old Planter in Willow Cove.

madding said...

The Ripken card is a sign that computers have fully taken over at Topps. Yes, I get that each name ends with a period and "Ripken Jr." has a period in it. Only a cold, lifeless machine would include both periods.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

If no one had mentioned the periods, I wouldn't have noticed, now I can't stop looking at them. The Chipper card, epic fail.