Friday, July 27, 2012

1987 Donruss

Stats on the Back is downsizing, something a card collector like myself can certainly relate to. Like a sucker, though, I claimed a whole mess of cards. When I got the package, this little unopened wax treat was waiting for me along with my claimed goods. I wouldn't be so eager to open certain packs from the '80s, but 1987 Donruss is quite a gem of a set, and really difficult to find in good shape. My scanner does hate black borders on cards, so while some of these cards are off-center I can assure you that none of them are actually crooked.

436 - Jose Uribe

36 - Greg Maddux (Huzzah! If you ran into someone with this creepy little 'stache and a Cubs hat in 2012, you'd probably expect him to be wearing skinny jeans and spinning records at a corner bar. Anyway, this is one of the best cards you can hope to find from a 1987 pack.)

39 - Eric Bell (Another Rated Rookie! Is there anything better than a Rated Rookie logo? I would want this on a t-shirt, but I'm sure it's already been done.)

275 - Walt Terrell

143 - Billy Sample (Sample was born in the '50s, and just has the look of someone from another era.)

27 - Diamond Kings Checklist

23 - Jim Presley Diamond Kings (I feel like I've grown some appreciation over time for Diamond Kings that I never really had. I always thought they were interesting, but I was never so wild about them that I coveted them like some collectors.)

361 - Barry Bonds (Hey wow, has anyone seen this picture of The Artist Formerly Known as Barroid yet? Seriously, though... how did I end up with a Bonds rookie card AND a Maddux rookie card in the same pack? The mind... it boggles.)

229 - Ken Howell (A reliever who had 18 decisions in 1986. This kind of pitcher doesn't really exist anymore.)

220 - Charlie Leibrandt

86 - Brian Downing

569 - Rafael Santana (Former Cardinal?)

437 - Ken Oberkfell (Former Cardinal.)

26 - Steve Sax Diamond Kings (Another Diamond King! What a pack.)

409 - Steve Lyons (I had to listen to this clown call a game today for the Dodgers regional cable network. Not fun.)

37-38-39 - Roberto Clemente Puzzle (As always, we end a Donruss pack with some puzzle pieces.)

Can't complain about the two big rookie cards in this pack. They're not centered or anything, but they're "pack fresh" with sharp corners.


Play at the Plate said...

Back in 1987, you'd be accused of being a pack searcher if you got both of those cards in a pack! Ha. I still like that Maddux.

Mark Kaz said...

Good Lord. This is a prehistoric "hot pack". I guess this is why I usually get a bunch of middle infielders and relievers when I open packs of Donruss -- you got all the good cards!

Kicky Sam said...

Pretty sure this is the best pack I've ever seen of that era

Stealing Home said...

absolutely a great pack !