Friday, October 20, 2023

2006 Upper Deck/Kryptyx GrossOut

With Halloween around the corner, why not review a pack of gross trading cards? In 2006, Upper Deck joined forces with a comic/trading card company called Kryptyx to bring us these:

Grossout Trading Cards. 5 trading cards and 1 power card per pack. I love the message "GROSS OUT YOUR MOM & IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS".
Also note the website listed on the back, which allowed collectors a bit of interaction. Unfortunately, it's is no longer up and running.

Let's get to the cards now.

First up is Eardrum Ooze. That does qualify as gross. You can see the comic book–style artwork and captioning right from the start.

Next up is Hairball Jewels. The back of the card uses the scientific name bezoar. "A bezoar is a foreign body in the stomach of animals and humans composed of food or hair that has been altered by the digestive process. They're a hard and glassy pearl-like stone that can look quite pretty..."

That's enough.

Carpet Kitty greets us next. The litter box wasn't nearby, I guess. Here's what a card back looks like.

Credit where credit is due: The card backs are quite detailed, and contain an interesting factoid in the blue box, as well as a "gross-o-meter" on the right side that ranks the grossout on the card front by smell, touch, taste, sight, and sound. Cat pee received a 5 out of 5 for smell. I agree with that.

Double-Header. Clever. The illustration on this card might be the most comic book-ish in style of the 6 cards in the pack.

And this one might be the most gross of the 6 cards.

Here's the final base card, "Belch or Slurp". This one is more funny than gross.

And now the "power card" of the pack: Rotten Cheese Rocket. Back in 2006, you'd have gone to the site, entered the code on the front of this card, and played some sort of online game with the "weapon" on your card. The more codes you entered for each power card, the more ammunition you'd accumulate for the weapon. Some codes gave you more ammo than others. Here's the card back:

There were 5 power cards in all. Want to know the names of the other 4 weapons? 
Ear Wax Whacker
Eye Goo Globber
Nuclear Sludge Nudger.

I think we all knew a couple of kids back in school who had natural fartzookers.

Anyway, that's that. A pack of Grossout trading cards, for the first time on APTBNL!

Thanks for reading.

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