Friday, November 03, 2023

2021 Topps UK Edition

While at my neighborhood Walgreen's the other day, I found that they had started carrying some repack blister packs containing a couple of baseball packs for $7.99. The most interesting thing to me, however, was that most of them had a 2021 Topps UK pack showing on the cover, a set that I have barely crossed paths with seeing as how I'm on the wrong side of the world for its target market.

84 - Daz Cameron - As you can see, these use the same familiar design as the flagship 2021 Topps set and likely have all of the same player photos. The primary difference, of course, is the Union Jack on the front.

81 - Shane Bieber - The set is smaller than any of the flagship series sets released in the U.S., so there's a better chance at pulling stars like Bieber.

119 - Alex Bregman

38 - Bailey Ober - RCs are present here, although what really constitutes a rookie card is always and forever a debatable topic. This card uses Ober's Topps Update photo.

91 - Eric Hosmer

214 - Anthony Rendon - I wonder if this set managed to convert any British people into baseball fans. I mean, I know Topps also tried this in the late '80s, and it worked... right??

156 - Spencer Howard - Howard appears here in this then-new Texas Rangers uniform. This one didn't make it into Topps Update but did end up in the Topps Holiday set.

142 - Alek Manoah - Rookies aplenty.

196 - Monte Harrison

60 - Freddie Freeman Black (056/125) - The last card in the pack always seems to be a parallel or insert card, and this is one of the nicer looking ones.


Brett Alan said...

I saw these at Walgreen's when I went for my covid shot, but the price was just too high for me. I did buy a similar repack at Walmart with a Topps Japan pack, but just the one unless it comes down in price at some point.

night owl said...

I guess I'd have to know what the rest of the repack was like before taking a shot at these for that price. Also, my Walgreens would have to stop its habit of locking up cards.